EXCLUSIVE: Maymay Entrata Reveals Hidden Message in Edward Barber’s Gift

  • February 20, 2018

Fans went cray when they read our exclusive interview with Edward Barber on how he planned his Valentine’s surprise for Maymay Entrata. Many felt kilig and jealous at the same time, knowing that Edward has exerted such effort just to make Maymay happy on the day of hearts.

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The 17-year-old actor had truly set the bar high. His ways of making Maymay feel loved and appreciated is something that every girl is looking for in a guy. That’s why many fans tell Maymay: “Ang haba ng hair!”

Edward gave her a heart charm to make her feel better after losing her favorite one that she bought in Paris.

“Sa lahat pa talaga ng puwedeng mawala, ‘yun pa talaga! ‘Yung pinaka paborito ko. Ang sakit kasi parang na heartbroken talaga ako! Clip lang kasi ‘yun eh, madaling matanggal,” Maymay said in an exclusive interview of Inside Showbiz this week.

“Ang sakit sakit sa puso na nawala na. As in after nun, wala na talaga akong inexpect na kahit ano,” she said.

Little did Maymay know that Edward has planned something on Valentine’s to mend her heart.

“[Before Valentine’s] kinausap ako ni Edward sinabihan nya ako na ‘May, it doesn’t mean na may nawala, wala nang darating na bago.’ Hindi talaga ako nakinig sakanya noon, tapos biglang may pinakita [sya] at binigay [nya ‘yung charm] sabi ko ‘Whoa!'”

“Kinilig sya ng sobra!” interrupted Edward (who was sitting beside Maymay during our interview).

“Isang himalaya… kasalanan bang…” Maymay sung, like as if defining her feelings through the song “Himala.”

Maymay didn’t reveal that it was from Edward when she proudly posted it online, but she accidentally said it during her hosting stint in ASAP Chillout.

“Nasabi ko sa chill out! Kasi tinanong nila eh,” she said.  “Ayun, [yes] binigay nya po. Kasi mahilig ako sa mga charms.”

Perhaps, many of you have already guessed what’s written on it, but we still teased Maymay during our interview and asked her to show it to us. “Huwag nyo na pong basahin. Char!” Maymay laughs.

She allowed us to take a photo of it for all of you guys to see! Here’s a closer look of the famous charm Edward gave her:

Maymay Entrata

It’s a pair of hearts with a snowflake detail. We all know that “snow” means a lot to Maymay and Edward. Maymay experienced snow for the first time last Christmas with Edward’s family in Germany.

Maymay Entrata

The other heart has an engraved message that says “You melt my heart.”

While we were closely looking at the engraved detail, Edward read it for us and said, “You melt my heart.”

We then asked the two of them if they can expound the meaning of the message more.

“Hindi kasi ano, first time ko makaranas ng snow tapos sya ‘yung kasama ko. ‘Yun, so parang nag-melt ‘yung mga heart [namin], ‘yung mga puso,” said Maymay with a shy tone, then bursted into laughter after.

“Love should be your guide”- 1Cor.14:1a

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