Maymay Entrata Reaches 1M Instagram Followers

  • November 10, 2017

It’s a social media milestone for former PBB Housemate and La Luna Sangre star Maymay Entrata as she finally reaches 1M on Instagram. The young celebrity is garnering attention on social media as fast as she has risen to fame in the entertainment industry.

Maymay celebrated the small achievement with an Instagram post for her followers, and a new username! From @maymayentrata07, she is now simply @maymay.

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A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymay) on

In her caption, she wrote: “Happy 1M po satin! Salamat po sa nag surprise kagabi. Parang nanalo ulit ako ng PBB po. Hekhek. Pero totoo po maraming salamat po. Thank you din po Sir @archiecarrasco at sa nag change po ng user name ko (hindi pwede e mention) tama nga po sabi nyo itulog ko lang kinabukasan “maymay” nalang. Ahaha. Thank you poooo!”

After the success of her first ever movie, Loving In Tandem, Maymay is now celebrating a new success and we’re sure there is more to come for this humble, and talented girl.

Congratulations, Maymay!

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