Is Maymay Entrata Ready for A Solo Concert?

  • June 2, 2017

PBB Lucky Season 7 Big Winner and one of today’s most trending young stars, Maymay Entrata, is set to have her first solo concert. She’s still overwhelmed with her unexpected win in PBB, but the universe is unstoppable in surprising Maymay with unstoppable blessings coming her way.


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From consecutive magazine shoots, endorsement deals, television commercials, billboards, and now, a solo concert! Your favorite young lady has truly come a long way.

Who’s excited to see Maymay Entrata on her first solo concert? Will her onscreen sweetheart Edward Barber make a surprising appearance? Tell us your thoughts on the comments below!


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  • Yes glyers are ready matagal na namin hinihintay yan. All out support para ke Maymay Entrata at Edwsrd Barber

  • Yes! maymay /MAYWARD solo concert is way better and 101% full of support for her/them from individual fans based specifically Mayward fans kaya #MAYWARDONLY pls para masaya…

  • She’s definitely ready for a concert of her own. She needs an avenue to showcase her talent in singing and dancing. Her improptu performance in Capt. Luz’s bday party singing Adele had me wanting for more. I watched that clip more than fifteen times and still do everytime I come across sir Archie’s page. We know she can sing more than novelty songs. Maybe not as big as Araneta but definitely bigger than Skydome.

  • She may not be ready for a bigger venue like Araneta but I bet she will conquer Music Museum as a start.Of course, we want to see Edward as well in the concert

  • Just found this article today. Judging her performance on June 21st, it’s sad to say she can bring on her own concert. Hopefully a bigger venue next time and hopefully I can really witness that personally. She is total performer. She can do sing and dance acts. She knows how to engage th audience and she is bubbly and ridiculously funny which will endear her to her audience.
    I wouldn’t mind spending my money for a ticket should she have another concert soon. I love her that much!!

  • I think Maymay is ready to do a concert of her own. Lately on their mall shows we can see that she is a true performer. She can relate with her audience and when she performs she really owns the stage.

  • Yes she is… And MAYMAY and MAYWARD FAM are all exited to happen … That event.SHE DESERVE THE BEST..β€πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š

  • I love this girl cause she has a good and humble heart, I hope Edward will also perform in her solo concert.

  • Congrats maymay deserved m lhat kong anong mayron k ngaun npakabait m mrunong k mkisama bta man o mtanda stay humble always may hindi kmi magsasawa spagsuporta s inyo n edward gos bless

  • I think she is ready to do a.concert because she has done shows in provinces and in Metro Manila. I think Edward will have an appearance in this concert of Maymay. Thanks to Star Music for giving this oppirtu ity to our bebe girl Maymay.

  • Maymay deserved all the blessings that are coming her way. Very talented young lady. She’s confident in all her performances whenever she has a mall show. Perfect combination ang Mayward what a unique duo. Everybody r excited on Jun 21.

  • Yes, she’s ready. Every newbies deserved a chance to shine. Let’s give Maymay a chance to showcase her talent. As a fan, i am curious enough to know her on what would be her talents that make us happy!