CAPTURED! MayWard’s Kilig Moments During Inside Showbiz Cover Shoot

  • March 31, 2017

IT’S MAYWARD‘S TURN—Maymay Entrata‘s supporters made her first e-magazine feature a success with the overflowing love they showed on social media when the cover was revealed on March 25. Several media outfits picked up Maymay’s first cover appearance on Inside Showbiz Weekly and commended her astonishing look in the photo— which impressed thousands of her fans all over the county.

Maymay Entrata’s first cover

Another cover is set to make many hearts flutter this on April 1. We know that it’s April Fools, but we won’t be joking around this coming Saturday because we know that everybody’s anticipating (and voted!) for Edward Barber’s cover with Maymay.

Before we get overly kilig with MayWard’s final photos, let’s take a look at this video where we captured the undeniable chemistry of this newest sweethearts that the fans can’t get enough of!

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  • I was super duper happy when I saw Maymay again in your digital mag then may bonus pa, Edward.My age will be hitting 50 soon but for the longest time, I am a fan again. Maymay is one of the 2 persons that ever made me an “avid fan”. At an instant, I have twitter and instagram accounts, all because of Maymay. Definitely, she deserved it, of being THE Big Winner! As a duo, Mayward is amazing. They bring joy to their fans and probably to a good number of casual viewers.They bring out the best of each other.Both are authentic, honest,respectful & talented.They have that admirable sense of gratitude. Despite their hectic scheds,they never fail to thank their fans.Thanks Inside Showbiz. More of Maymay and Edward please because we’ll never get enough of them.Kudos!

  • We definitely can’t get enough of these two. First time ever I got hooked to a loveteam to the point of creating a Twitter account and keeping posted in my IG. I don’t know what’s with #Mayward that really made me go crazy over them.. #Skrengge nga siguro talaga accordingto Maymay..