How MayWard Deals With Bashers

  • November 13, 2017

As young as they are, MayWard have already had their share of bashers online, but they’re already showing wisdom beyond their years, choosing to brush away the negativity that pops up on their social media.

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“I really couldn’t care less about bashers,” admits Edward. “They don’t affect me as much anymore. The only criticism that I will listen to are from the people who know what they’re really talking about. I will listen to what my director says and the critiques that he has to give.” Maymay, dubbed the Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky of Cagayan de Oro, is naturally joyful, so it’s perhaps easier for her to mute the negative voices that try to cut them down.

“Dealing with bashers isn’t the hardest part of being in showbiz. More than anything, I think it’s really struggling with (insecurities and impatience),” says Edward. “Maymay, Marco and I talk about this a lot. We want to be great actors right away. We wanna get to that John Lloyd Cruz level agad! But we have to remember na we’ve just started. We forget that in order to get to that level, we have to take the baby steps. We have to give ourselves time, as we’re not veterans yet.”

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