MayWard in Germany Rises To 6th Most Viewed Making MEGA Documentary

  • March 8, 2018

The tandem of MayWard proves once again how strong their fandom is and how they are well-liked by many. In just a span of two days, their Making MEGA in Germany has quickly garnered 204,147 views and has risen up as the 6th most-viewed Making MEGA video of all time.

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With KathNiel’s Iceland still on the top of the list with 812,795 views, Morocco with 684,775, and Greece with 516,931, MayWard’s fashion documentary has already gone up as one of the most viewed MEGA documentaries which just solidifies the fact that they are already one of the most-loved celebrities of the industry.

Do you think MayWard will be able to reach the top 3 most viewed videos of Making MEGA?

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