Mayward’s Romantic #MegaIGtorial Makes Us All Kilig!

  • February 5, 2018

We’re only on the fifth day of February, but we can already feel all the love in the air! Two of today’s most remarkable young stars, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, kicked off the love of month with a romantic, fairytale-like IGtorial (Instagram-digitorial) published on MEGA magazine‘s IG account. Which, needless to say, made us all go cray and believe that love truly exists. Agree? Say it louder for the people in the back!

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Taken in a snow-filled forest with a bit of wintery sparkle, the IGtorial features Vivo Philippines endorser Maymay who looks incredibly stunning in a red couture dress.

The IGtorial gives us a short love story about a princess (Maymay) who was trapped in a phone screen, “cursed and forgotten.” Even though the story is quite predictable—that someone with a pure heart has to set the princess free—it’s still exciting just by the fact that Edward will play the character of the prince!

“Once upon a time in a far away land, lies a phone of unbelievable power. It projects the image of a princess decked in bold, blood red, trapped within the screen. Cursed and forgotten in the middle of the snow, she ponders if she will be trapped forever. Who do you think will set her free?”

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Then a prince chances upon the clear-cut, crisp image of the princess. He feels an instant connection and stares deep into the natural life-like projection. Instead of an endless and empty white, she sees a flash of red. Is he the answer to her prayers? 

In real life, yes! We know that Edward is Maymay’s answered prayer, and vice versa. They both consider each other a blessing to one another. Since the two found each other inside the Pinoy Big Brother House and was launched as an official love team soon after, amazing opportunities never stop from falling on their lap.


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“Curse broken, she peers at her savior from behind the trees. The snow surrounds her, the pale white in stark contrast to her sharp, dark eyes and blood red lips. She feels an urgency to approach. Is this the start of a beautiful fairytale?”

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“The princess begins her trek to meet the mysterious young man. Released from the confines of the glassy partition after so long, the princess treads the soft soil carefully. With her striking red overcoat billowing in the frosty air, she takes slow, deliberate steps towards the prince. With each step her heart beats faster, nerves setting in.

 Will the prince return her feelings?

As the Maymay’s heart beats faster as stated in the story, fans also can’t contain their kilig when the IGtorial reached this fourth photo. One netizen defined the story “PERFECT” and “BEAUTIFUL,” while others said that it gives them “goosebumps.”


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“At last she reaches him; her prince. She looks at him intently, soft features underneath a warm gaze. Her presence is striking against the snow, practically commanding attention to her eye-catching red form. 
How will she approach him?”

This is the most nerve-wracking part! In this photo, we see a drop-dead gorgeous Maymay with a model-like stance in her stunning red dress. The story says she looks intently at her prince (like how she always looks at Edward on a daily basis, to be honest).


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“The princess moves closer, eager but coy. She takes his hand, a lingering touch settling at their fingertips. Her presence is striking against the snow, practically commanding attention to her eye-catching red form. Wordlessly, she looks into his eyes and feels an instant spark between the two of them. Will there be a happy ending to this story?”

At last! The princess meets her prince. Will there be a happy ending? Definitely! This is just a sneak peak of MayWard’s shoot in Germany for Making Mega campaign. In the middle of a snow-carpeted forest, we see our favorite love team enjoying the time of their lives and doing the things they love—always happy with each other’s company. 

Since when did MayWard disappoint us? Never. That’s why it always excites us every time they are set to do something new. We’re always confident that they will do great. We know that each new project will be much more astounding than their last one. Sure, they are newbies in showbiz, but it’s also undeniable that Maymay and Edward can effortlessly amaze all of us just by simply showing their NATURAL CHEMISTRY.

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