MayWard, Happy to Have KissMarc in Their Debut Movie

  • September 18, 2017

Big screen newbies Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber admit that they’re thankful for Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo for joining them in their debut movie, Loving in Tandem. We can’t deny that some fans don’t want the two trending love teams to be associated with one another, but Maymay, Edward, Kisses, and Marco show otherwise. The former PBB housemates have always been vocal about their growing and solidifying friendship, and they always note that they’re working as one instead of competing with each other.

“For both of them [Kisses and Marco], I’m so thankful that they are there. It’s always nice to go through something that’s completely new and you don’t know about with people that you’re comfortable with,” said Edward.

Mas naging masaya po kaming apat. Mas naging close po kaming apat at mas naging open po kami. At talagang kung iisipin namin, kung kaming dalawa lang [ni Edward ‘yung nasa movie], okay lang naman. Pero mas okay at mas masaya kung andito din sila [Kisses at Marco]. Sabay-sabay po kaming natuto,” added Maymay.

During the production of Loving in Tandem, Edward said that Marco was the one who motivates him every time he’s having a hard time putting himself into character. “I can say na ‘pag wala si Marco, there are some parts in the movie that I just wouldn’t have gone through. I would’ve struggled even more.”

“When Direk‘s fixing the set, Maymay rehearsing her lines, and Kisses in the tent, and then Marco’s there when the camera doesn’t see us, he was like ‘Bro kaya mo ‘yan, kaya mo ‘yan. Isipin mo lang na ganyan ‘yan.‘ If I couldn’t do it, there was one time he slapped me!” he added.

Just by hearing how MayWard values the presence of KissMarc in their projects, it’s not difficult to believe that all of them truly work harmoniously and obviously don’t care about what the haters say. Edward even noted that he and Maymay feel more comfortable when KissMarc is around. “It’s always nice to have that safety net,” he noted.

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