MayWard Faces Another Big Milestone

  • May 30, 2017

Saying that Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have come a long way since PBB Days is an understatement. MayWard has reached extreme lengths when it comes to their careers; farther than we have ever imagined ever since they stepped out of the big, yellow house that molded them to who they are now.

Aside from an upcoming movie and book, MayWard is set to travel to London on July for a concert, and both of them  obviously can’t contain their excitement for this milestone in their careers. “Masaya ako kasi libre tapos London pa! Sa PBB nakalibre ako ng Hong Kong ngayon London. Hindi ko na talaga palalampasin to at i-eenjoy ko talaga ‘to,” Maymay exclaimed.

Her on-screen partner is also ecstatic as the trip falls on his birthday. “I’m happy because I will spend my birthday in England and I have the chance to meet my grandparents there.”

Will Maymay be meeting Edward’s grandparents for the first time? We shall wait and see!

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