MayWard Goes From Showbiz Rookies To This Generation’s Icons

  • October 20, 2018


Words by Rosy Mina | Photography by Floyd Jhocson | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte


The MayWard pair continues to charm audiences with their wit, talent, chemistry, and authenticity.

It has been two years since Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber graced Philippine television screens as teen housemates in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Lucky Season 7. Maymay was trying to reach her showbiz dream while aiming to help augment her family’s expenses while Edward was wondering if he could make it as a teen celebrity. Little did they know that they were in for a huge surprise. They had big dreams as teenagers but what they have achieved individually and as a love team are even beyond their wildest dreams.

“Hindi! My goodness,” Maymay exclaims to Inside Showbiz Weekly when asked if she has ever expected the successes of the MayWard tandem. Edward adds, “Akala ko ma-e-evict ako sa first week.” Maymay recounts, “Sinabi niya po sa akin, paglabas na ng PBB, aalis na daw siya. Sa Germany, babalik siya dun, mag-school siya. Tapos ako kung saan ako dadalhin ng tadhana, kung hanggang saan din ako, doon ako.”

She goes on, “May nagsabi kasi sa akin nung lumabas ako sa PBB, si Kuya Arjo Atayde, kahit anong mangyari, ibigay mo lang ‘yung best mo kahit maliit o malaking bagay, ibigay mo lang. Kaya hindi ako nag-expect talaga.” They just made the most of every opportunity that came after the PBB Big Night wherein Edward was the Fourth Lucky Big Placer and Maymay was the Lucky Big Winner.

Edward Barber

They have had singles, concert events, television appearances, and roles in TV programs and movies. Edward is part of the Aga MuhlachBea Alonzo flick First Love while Maymay has a Platinum self-titled debut album plus a concert tour. Their fanbase has gotten bigger as more people appreciated the Kapamilya tandem. Maymay reacts, “Siguro nagpapakatotoo lang kami,” while Edward surmises, “I feel we are not that different from any pair of millennial teens. I don’t think we are any different. We just got lucky, I feel. We got a chance to work and we worked hard.”



Maymay and Edward are all smiles these days because of their upcoming teleserye under Dreamscape Entertainment. All the while, they thought that they had just bagged supporting roles again in a teleserye just like in La Luna Sangre, and they were already contented with that. But, they are in fact the lead actors in the soap opera Honey My Love So Sweet. “Nabigla kami,” confesses Edward. “Hindi kami umasa na kami ‘yung lead kasi kailangan pa namin ng time hanggang sa sinabi na kami ‘yung maging lead. Bukas, agad-agad nag-workshop kami,” reveals Maymay.

She explains, “Ayaw po namin na kung ano ‘yung pinakita namin before, ‘yun ulit. Parang wala kaming natutunan, hanggang doon lang.” Her leading man agrees, “Parang shino-shortchange namin ‘yung audience. Ayaw namin nun.” Maymay notes, “Kaya ayun, nagsipag kami sa workshop ngayon. One-on-one, group man, lahat.” Edward assures, “It’s gonna start very soon and basta para sa akin, maganda talaga ‘yung kuwento. Walang bias. Maganda ‘yung kuwento dahil rom-com ‘yung serye.”

Maymay Entrata

However, they humbly admit that they are still learning the ropes as actors. “Ayaw kong mag-expect talaga ‘yung mga tao. Ayaw kong mag-expect sila na magiging maganda ‘yung resulta pero shinu-sure namin na ginawa namin ‘yung makakaya namin para mas maging mahusay kami, mas maging maganda ‘yung resulta, mas maging masaya,” says Maymay. Edward concisely guarantees, “We can’t promise 100 percent perfect. We can promise 100 percent effort.”

They are also eager to apply the lessons they have gained from working on Wansapanatym: Ikaw ang Ghosto Ko which aired weekly from July to September this year. “Tapos hindi lang sa trabaho ‘yung natutunan ko pati rin sa mga payo nina Direk Jerry Lopez Sineneng at Direk Piem Acero kasi sila ‘yung nagbigay ng lakas ng loob sa akin na dapat ang isipin ko daw hindi na magaling ako, kung hindi gawin ko nang mabuti ‘yung scene na ‘yun.”


Since Honey My Love So Sweet is still in the works, MayWard fans can first look forward to seeing their idols in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Fantastica. They will be joining the ensemble cast bannered by Vice Ganda together with Dingdong Dantes, Richard Gutierrez, Jaclyn Jose, Bela Padilla, Ryan Bang, Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte, Kisses Delavin, and Donny Pangilinan. “Ay, sobrang light. Sobrang nakakatawa, laging nakakatawa. Tapos kahit pagod ka na, alas kwatro na ng umaga tapos nagpapatawa na sina Ms. Vice,” shares Maymay.

Edward quips, “Si Maymay laging nag-fa-fangirl kay Richard and Dingdong!” Maymay, quickly reacts, “‘Di naman, nakakahanga lang, ano ka ba? Kasi siyempre nakakahanga andiyan na sa harapan mo ‘yung mga iniidolo mo, buang! Tapos ang babait nila.” Edward reminds her right away, “Ang tawag diyan fangirling.”

Styling by Jebby Fronda & Lyn Alumno

Fantastica is the third big screen project of MayWard. Their debut film was Loving in Tandem (2017) where they were the lead stars and were joined by fellow housemates Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo. Then they were supporting actors to Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang in Da One That Ghost Away (2018). For Fantastica, they had to undergo martial arts training. “May mga scenes na fighting so I don’t wanna give it up because ang ganda talaga ng mga eksena. How we meet is very exciting, too,” shares Edward.

Aside from training, they also had to work on their comedic chops. Maymay cites the importance of timing in doing comedy. Edward adds, “One of the preparations is just to be open kasi laging nagbabago ‘yung script. Pagdating nila sa set, on the spot that’s when they’ll make the jokes. ‘Yung mga punch line, ad lib talaga lahat. So dapat hindi ka masyadong may tunnel vision kasi, you’ll get stuck on that idea tapos mawawala ka.”


Two years may be just a short span but in showbiz, but that already spells a long period of time for budding celebrities to make their mark and prove their worth. In those two years, the 21-year-old Maymay and 18-year-old Edward have not just fulfilled so many dreams, they have also built on their partnership and friendship.

“Personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight. My grandparents told me before, love is not found, it’s developed which I believe in as well. So, in a relationship whether it be a friend or anything, you have to develop a history. And I can say Maymay and I have gone through so much together from PBB to the death of our grandparents,” declares Edward.


“Everything, we’ve gone through so much together from happy moments to bad moments. We’ve gone through a lot and we’ve gone through it together. So we have a history and we have a base, a background together. So that’s something I’ll always be so proud of, even if for example we’re in a look test with the biggest, most veteran actors in the world, I would never be ashamed because I know I have that chemistry with May and I have that relationship with her.”

They have helped each other especially whenever they felt overwhelmed by their showbiz commitments. “Minsan kasi nag-wo-worry kami eh. Alam mo ‘yung bigla-bigla,” discloses Maymay. “It’s not just the pressure from other people, it’s the pressure we put on ourselves. And then we start to panic a little bit,” notes Edward.

“Sinasabi namin sa isa’t isa, kapag may down sa atin, dapat may up. Kasi naranasan namin na down kami, nag-away kami nang walang rason,” recalls Maymay. This made them realize, “Hindi tayo dapat dalawang down. May isang support dapat. Tapos pag na-u-up ko na siya, ako naman ang down. Salitan lang.” Edward agrees, “And it’s also your job not to stay down diba kasi if someone tries to bring you up, don’t fight it. Let yourself be brought up.”

Maymay Entrata



It is apparent that Maymay and Edward’s partnership is not just for the screen. The young stars have found a genuine friend in each other. They are even vocal about wanting to remain true to themselves and to each other. “We always get reprimanded by each other,” divulges Edward, pertaining to how they always remind each other to be as truthful as how they were when they started out in the biz.

Edward points out, “I feel you should never have to change your personality, your anything. The way you act, never change it because first of all, you’ll get caught and then you’ll be called fake. And then you’ll be stuck because who you really are will be considered fake. So just be real from the beginning. And if it gets you somewhere, it gets you somewhere. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. But what we’re really both happy about is that we never tried to lie about who we are.”

Maymay echoes him, “Mas maganda na mas marami kang na-inspire kasi nagpapakatotoo ka sa sarili mo tapos ‘yun ‘yung maganda doon kasi sa pagpapakatotoo namin sa isa’t isa, marami palang na-i-inspire. So hindi mo kailangang magpaka-peke, hindi mo kailangang magpakitang-tao para magustuhan ka ng tao kasi nasa kanila ‘yun kung gusto ka o hindi. Kaya ang sarap sa feeling na totoo kami tapos naniniwala sila sa amin. Mas worth it.”


As they continue with their showbiz journey, the two celebrities vow to be there for each other. Maymay tells Edward, “Siguro kasi alam na niya ito eh. Sabi ko andito lang ako para sa iyo. Hindi ako mawawala. Suportahan kita.”

She goes on to say, “Ang maipapangako ko sa kaniya kahit na sa industriya man tayo o kahit wala na sa showbiz, kung paano kita trinato since the beginning, ‘yun pa rin.”

Edward, meanwhile, promises Maymay: “I always say this all the time. Next time we have an interview here, I will say the same thing. I will do my best forever until the end of time, to protect you from the things that I don’t like and the things that you don’t like.” Maymay asks, “Even the vampires?” Edward answers her promptly, “Even the vampires, I will bite them.”

Turning serious, Edward addresses his leading lady with a sense of calmness and determination: “No, I don’t mind, really, if it gets me in more trouble, if it means protecting you. I don’t mind if people think ‘Ay mayabang ‘yun, arogante na ‘yan.’ I will speak my mind if it’s to protect you.”


Words by Rosy Mina | Photography by Floyd Jhocson | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte | Associate Publisher Walter de Jesus |  Publisher Archie Carrasco | Hair by Jaymar Lahaylahay | Makeup by Owen Sarmiento | Styling by Jeb Fronda & Lyn Alumno | Special thanks to Star Magic & Mega Magazine

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  • Soo LIT i’m soo much prouder the both of you stay who you Are be the inspiration to everyone keep shining brightly👏👏👏 GOD BLESS AND MORE BLESSINGS LOVE YOU BOTH.

  • Super nakakaproud kayong dalawa… thank you for always keeping us smile,thank you for always making us happy the #maywardians were always here to support you mayward, continue for what you guys have started, and be real as always we lobve you mayward and may the Lord bless you goodhealth 😘
    #maywardians since pbb
    #maywardiansForever maging kayo man sa tootong buhay sa dulo o hindi, i hope mayward will last forever😘

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  • Kahanga hanga kayo babies.Worth it ang first time kong pag fangirling.Worth it ang suporta ko sa inyong dalawa.Lalo ko kayong minahal as days passes by.Good luck sa career nyo at andito lang kami na susuporta sa inyo.I love you mga anak.Godbless❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Sobra po akong nainspire na naman ng mayward…hindi po kasi ako talaga nagpa fangirling simula noon,humahanga lng pagkatapos wla na…pero noong ang mayward eh napanood ko they inspired me a lot…kaya po gusto ko po magpasalamat din sa inyo bilang isang mayward fan sa pagbibigay nyo ng oppurtunidad sa mayward para mafeatured sa site nyo…maraming salamat po…to god be the glory❤❤

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  • wow I’m so proud this two kids edward and MAYMAY , from the the start day 1 in pbb is very real Kaya NAGUSTUHAN KO SILA 2years NADIN akung naging fan Nila Kaya mahal ko tung mayward happy pills KO SILA MASKI may EDAD NA AKO nakisabay pa AKO SA MGA social media natutu AKO gumamit DAHIL SA mayward nakipag puyatan din AKO AKO . At SA MGA event NG mayward Dream tour concert pumupunta din AKO . Pag ok Lang health condition KO .

    ANG SAKIN Lang para Kay MAYMAY at edward wag silang magbago DAHIL minaha SILA SA daming suppoerters Nila DAHIL napak genuine Nila napaka totoong MGA BATA

    God blessed you, more blessed to come , I’m here to support both of you MAYMAY and edward hanggat akuy humihinga pa.

  • naks naman, Edward inspired me by sharing his grandfather though that ( My grandparents told me before, love is not found, it’s developed ) and i believe to that you should have history. And May it make me cry when she talk visaya in her concert in cebu. i really feel her message that comes from the heart saying thanks to the audience and the people supporting her. And i know God will always be there to both of you.just be always stay mababa…

  • Ang sarap basahin ❤️ love ko kayo #MayWard stay who you are I love u more God bless and stay humble OK ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏

  • Thank you Inside Showbiz for this wonderful article. Maymay and Edward are truly an inspiration to many. I am so happy that they have each other while navigating the world of showbiz. May & Ed, we are with you in this journey of yours.

  • Wow super vow ako sa dalawang ito kaya nga humanga na kmi since nasa loob pa sila kasi nkita nmin kung anu talaga ang ugali nang dalawang ito hindi kmi nagsisi na sumuporta kmi sa kanila dahil deserves nila ang aming support dahil wala silang tinatago Na kaplastikan kaya nmin cla minahal dahil sa totoo sila..stay humble mayward kayo yong nagbibigay saya samin..and lastly thankyou for featuring mayward

  • #MayWard is the most unique and real loveteam I’ve known in this world of showbiz. Besides being lovable and talented, sobrang mag sincere pa nilang dalawa. I know bec andaming artists and love teams ko ng hina hangaan before, sila lang ang pinaka totoo. #MaymayEntrata #EdwardBarber

  • Thank you for a great article.
    I commend Edward for being matured for his age.
    He knows hardworking, determination, persistence, patience and taleng goes a long way in showbiz.
    Congratulations to his parents that instilled in him the the values from both side Filipino and Europea traits.

    Speaking your mind to protect someone is really a big deal and that proves how you care and love someone to put her first before yourself is a kindhearted way of showing you truly care abput Maymay in particular.
    Action speaks louder than words that goes without saying She’s mine is an admission ofthe relationship with Maymay and that’s great. Enjoy what you have don’t rush to things just work hard now , finish your studies, and when the right time comes both of you will be ready to face the real world together on or off showbiz forever.

    Maymay Is an inspiration to everyone to reach for your dreams but don’t forget to improve yourself ( aside from acting workshops also take up voice lessons and dance lessons ) to further develop your craft to be well rounded artist. Most of all continue to inspire people to have strong faith in God which your are teaching us not just by words but through your actions. A lot of people are watching you and Edward so a big responsibility to be a role model so be cautious of every action

    I am a great fan of Mayward from San Diego
    although silent one but follows them through yourmagazine and you tube.

    Thank you for giving MayWard importance and respect.

    Thanks for reading my comment.

    May your magazine soar !!!!

    Samantha from San Diego CA USA

    Continue to

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  • Thank you pag papasaya sa amin mga ofw..yan tlga ang hinangaan Namin sa inyo hindi kayo tulad ng ibang artista na puro fake ang pina kikita..pag patuloy lang ninyo ang pagiging pagiging mabubuting artista.wag maging fake..kaya kameng mga fans ninyo ang laging sina sabi mayward is real…love you maymay entrata at edward mayward.

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    I’m proud of myself I STAN the right People . So beautiful amd Genuine .

    Protect , Respect and Understand each other’s pain and vulnerability , Strength and weaknesses .

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    Thank you for this.. Walang Tapon.. Every words , Every line pasok na pasok sa MayWard Heart ko.

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