Meet The Stylists To The Stars: Team Rain X Em

  • September 20, 2018

In the fast-paced world of the showbiz industry, it takes a lot for one to have name recall, no matter what your profession is in the industry. The game changes so quickly that newcomers that aren’t able to keep up are forgotten right away. When you look at mainstays in the industry you’ll have to look at them with utmost respect and revere them with high regard since in this industry, the journey to get to where they are isn’t easy and it’s even harder to stay on top. Take it from Rain Dagala and Em Millan, two of today’s most in-demand celebrity stylists who make up Team RainXEm, also known as the stylists to the stars.

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In an afternoon with the two top celebrity stylists, we got to know how they were able to make it to the top of the cut-throat world of celebrity styling and what makes them stay there. Check out their exclusive interview with us along with a series of photos of the celebrities that they style.

Can you tell me how Team Rain x Em became the stylist of the stars?

RAIN DAGALA: It was a series of fortunate events, one racket after the other. Our first racket, which was for a regional campaign of a sports apparel brand, we were tasked to style 30 celebrities. We went there having only a few pieces of clothes, most were personal stuff, and the rest we bought during a sale. Tapos dala lang namin noon isang shoebox na ang laman is half nun ay styling kit, and yung kabila, accessories! Ganoon lang siya nag-start.  Through that job, we were booked to do another TV commercial. Tuloy tuloy na siya from that day forward, we never stopped working.

Em Millan and Rain Dagala

How did you guys become the stars’ choice? How did Team Rain X Em get that name recall with celebrities? 

EM MILLAN: I would say that it would be because of our first celebrity client, Yeng Constantino, who at the time that we started styling for her, was in need of an identity. Our philosophy in styling is to bring out the client’s identity and personality and we were able to showcase that with Yeng.

RD: All of a sudden the celebrities were asking “Anong plano niyo samin pag kinuha ka naming stylist?”

Elisse Joson

Miles Ocampo 

So apart from Yeng, who do you think are the celebrities that you helped build their brand?

RD: Sam Concepcion.

EM: His music changed and his direction changed so he also had to evolve as an artist and ideally that look and the fashion should follow. So we proposed several looks for him, and we all agreed, “Okay, this is the direction we are gonna take,” and I would say that now I think we’ve helped cement that imagery for Sam as well na he’s recently unconventional and fashion forward.

RD: Actually for Maymay [Entrata] also, it was also a challenge to make her aspirational but at a level where fans still get her core. Yung simple girl, baryo girl, fan, success story na hindi snobbish.

Sam Concepcion

Billy Crawford

Are there any celebrities that you wanted to style prior to meeting them?

EM: Maymay. Rain was a super avid fan of that season of PBB, I wasn’t able to catch that season, so pag-kinukwento ni Rain, he would say, “Oh my God, I’m super super fond of her, she’s so funny!”

RD: Kailangan mabihisan natin yan! kasi may personality siya eh. Kasi pag nagkaroon kami ng bet na artista, tapos na-stylean namin siya, malaki yung success story.

Juliana Gomez 

Enzo Pineda


So who are your personal favorite muses?

RD: Hindi namin masagot yan kasi iba-iba ang talent, iba-iba ang challenge. For example, Pia Wurtzbach, paano mo siya dadamitan? Queen-like pero hindi OA. Hindi na siya contestant. Si Cheska [Kramer], paano mo idadamitan na fashion-forward mom siya, aspirational mom versus Jolina [Magdangal] who is a masa mother. She’s a mamshie. Everyone is a challenge from pull-out to preparation. How would you differentiate styling Billy [Crawford] and Sam [Concepcion], who technically nasa same spectrum ng music pero iba yung goals nila in life. Same-same but different Erik [Santos] and Christian [Bautista] is a testament to that. They are both balladeers but they have different objectives, so they are under the balladeer universe pero executed in 2 different ways. So wala kaming favorite talaga na yung one person kasi its a different challenge every time.

Erik Santos

Christian Bautista

Ang layo na nang narating ng Team Rain x Em, how do you guys feel about that?

RD: Syempre na-happy ako kasi parang up to this day, hindi namin na-expect na it will come at a level na parang the people we watch before we will work with now. Si Gretchen [Barretto], idol niya. Ako hanggang ngayon, idol pa rin siya.  Tito Boy [Abunda] I used to watch him before pero ngayon mentor ko na siya. Parang, nakakatuwa and more importantly parang I think happy ako with the kind of relationships we’ve built with them na it’s professional, it’s built on trust and mutual respect. Nagulat pa kami na it happened faster than expected. Faster than usual. That’s why we treat this job with utmost respect, even our assistants know that by heart. They are all expected to give malasakit to this job. I mean, it doesn’t happen to everyone and for us it happened seamlessly, flawlessly.

EM: With the dream that we’re living now, it’s really building on that and creating more and more new dreams with it.

Julie Ann San Jose

Cheska Kramer

Jolina Magdangal

Who are your other dream clients?

RD: Isa nalang yung hindi, si Regine sa local.

EM: Oo, kasi dati dream namin sana makabihis tayo ng Miss Universe. Check. Sana mabihisan natin si Gretchen. Check.

Photography of Sam Concepcion, Julie Ann San Jose, Juliana Gomez, Erik Santos, Jolina Magdangal, Miles Ocampo, Christian Bautsita by Yukie Sarto. 

Photography of Cheska Kramer, Enzo Pineda, Elisse Joson, and Billy Crawford by Floyd Jhocson. 

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