Moira dela Torre Acknowledges Others Deserving To Be Idol Judge; Promises To Do Her Best

  • March 21, 2019

Moira dela Torre has come a long way since her album “Malaya” catapulted her into mainstream superstardom over two years ago. Now, the songstress is about to venture into her biggest role yet as a judge on Idol Philippines. With the premiere of the show only a short time’s wait away, Moira expresses her gratitude for ABS-CBN’s trust in her and promises to take this new role of hers seriously.

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Moira dela Torre

In a sentimental post, Moira shared how her journey should not be a point of comparison to those who are still on theirs as we are all going through our own pace- a dilemma that many millennials have these days. “How I got from here to here, I will never be able to fully explain. But what I do know is this: there isn’t one formula for success. Everyone has their own stories to tell, and the length of one’s journey doesn’t make one inferior or superior to the other. At the end of the day, we are all dreamers,” wrote Moira.

Moira dela Torre

Moira also acknowledged some of the comments that have been thrown at her for being picked as a judge on the local Idol  franchise and took it as a challenge to fulfill her role in the best way she can. “I am beyond grateful that part of my story is being able to be a part of a franchise that I’ve looked up to and has helped raise the dreamer in me. It’s such an honor to be working alongside artists I admire and look up to. I know that there are so many people deserving to be in my place, and I’m so honored for the network’s trust, so I promise I won’t take this privilege lightly. I will work extra hard to give my all as a judge and mentor in this series. I am so excited to be on the other side of the spectrum– from contestant to mentor. But most importantly, from dreamer to helping fellow dreamers soar. #IDOLPhilippines coming soon.”

Moira dela Torre

We’re sure that Moira will do great as a judge!

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