Mother of Ellen Adarna’s Alleged “Paparazzi” Speaks Up

  • May 8, 2018

After Ellen Adarna exposed 17-year-old Eleila Santos for allegedly taking photos of her, the mother of the accused demands a public apology from the actress. Eleila’s mother, Myra, took it to her Facebook account to state that she has consulted a lawyer regarding the issue.

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Myra wrote on her open letter: “We are reaching out to you to let you know how deeply hurt we are by the unneeded stress and unwanted attention you caused after you uploaded a photo and video of her on Instagram, without any consent from us. My family and I have begun seeking legal assistance. As advised by our lawyer, we are now writing this letter. As her family, we ask you to publicly apologise to Eleila. We prefer not to take this further, but as our only daughter, we are ready to take this wherever needed to protect her integrity. As much as no one has the right to breach your privacy, you have no right to ruin my daughter’s reputation.”


The mother also stated how proud she is of her daughter, and discovering how strong Eleila is, is the only thing that came out of this issue. “The only good thing about this is I found out how strong and formidable she is; and how happy I am of how she turned out to be- a genuine person who can stand her ground,” she wrote.

Majority of netizens seem to be siding on the minor.

Read the full statement below:

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