Nadine Lustre Says Relationship With James Reid “Healed” Her

  • March 7, 2019

Actress Nadine Lustre was almost in tears when she opened up how relationship with boyfriend and love team partner James Reid immensely healed her. On her guesting at Tonight With Boy Abunda, the multi-hyphenate actress answered straightforwardly that she couldn’t even imagine her life now without James.

Teary-eyed, Nadine said: “Parang no. Iiyak ako. I’m really, really thankful that he came into my life. It was so different before. He was the biggest instrument for my healing,”

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According to Nadine, being with James made her more relaxed and lessened her anxiety. “I can say that I changed a lot in the relationship for the better. Before, yung mga small things, sobrang nagwo-worry ako kasi I’m an over thinker. Madalas akong nagkakaroon ng anxiety even until now. But now, I’ve learned how to handle it properly. I’ve learned to let the bad stuff go. I don’t hold grudges anymore. I’m always positive. If something bad happens, I think logically, tapos I strategize kung paano ko lalampasan. I’m very calm now. I’ve learned how to communicate and open up.”

When asked if she thinks James will be her forever, Nadine was honest in saying she hopes that he is but still remained realistic.  “I hope so. We’ll see. Even if he’s not, I’m always going to be thankful for him. My transition from who I was before to the person I am now is so beautiful na kahit hindi na kami ni James, he will always have a special place in my heart.”

JaDine really shares such a healthy relationship!

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  • I just love them nadina and james ,pecfect couples, am from Uganda Africa, my only wish before I died is to reach Philippines, I love your country,thank you people are my role model

  • I hope so I meet you in San Diego at show you two are nice people who seems like they love each other. I gave both a cough drop