Nadine Lustre Set To Direct Bret Jackson’s Upcoming Music Video

  • July 4, 2018

Actress Nadine Lustre has a lot going on for her right now. Aside from her upcoming movie with Xian Lim, Marco Gumabao, and AJ Mulach, the young actress is also set to release another collection of Lustrous later this month. During the Lustrous Beauty Con on June 30, Nadine also revealed that she’s gearing up to direct the music video of good friend Bret Jackson.

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“I’m working on a lot of stuff now. Not just for my music but for the whole Careless, yung kay James’s label as well. I’ll be directing some of the music videos for our new artists and for Bret Jackson also. It’s going to be my second official time directing. The first was James’s music video. I have a lot of ideas so I’m really, really excited for directing. Makikita niyo na lang yan,” she excitedly shared.

Nadine also shared how she has been helping in James Reid’s music label, Careless Music Manila. “I guess we just want someone who’s unique. Someone who is really passionate for music. We don’t want someone who can just sing kasi maraming talented na Pilipino na marunong kumanta but we’re looking for artists who are really passionate about music just as much as we are,” 

Are you excited for Nadine’s second directorial project?

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