Nadine Lustre on Her Two-Year Relationship with James Reid: “It’s like a full course meal”

  • March 3, 2018

Showbiz can be a harsh place for romance. Many stars will most likely agree that it’s almost impossible to maintain a sturdy relationship with a fellow celebrity due to many reasons; whether working around tough work schedules or having to deal with detractors or issues that may instantly ruin your heard-earned trust to your equally famous partner.

But despite the stigma that showbiz is a place of failed relationships and bad breakups, there’s still a good number of indestructible celeb couples—just like James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Their two-year relationship proves that love truly exists, even in the most hopeless place.

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“I’m thinking of a perfect way to describe it,” said Nadine when Inside Showbiz asked how her relationship with boyfriend James has grown after two years.

“You go first,” Nadine told James who was just sitting beside her.

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“Hmmm, I think…” James took about 30 seconds to gather his thoughts. “I must say we’re growing. This is the time where we both push ourselves.” he continued.

“Nadine and I are really driven people. I wasn’t like this before. Now, I’m a very driven person. There’s so much I want to achieve and there’s so much I want to get done,” he said.

Nadine added, “We’re growing so much in the relationship, and that’s the best thing about it.”

“Why are you crying?” asked James to Nadine with a sweet chuckle.

“No, I’m not! I’m cold!” laughed Nadine. “You’re crying,” teased James.

Nadine gave us an analogy that pretty much sums up the current status of their relationship, which we all haven’t heard before.

“It’s like a… it’s so funny! It’s like a full course meal,” she said.

The 24-year-old actress further explained why she describes the current status of her relationship with James as such. “It’s like a full course meal where the appetizer is fun and exciting to eat and will get you like ‘I can’t wait for the main course!’ And when you get to the main course, the heavy stuff is there, or sometimes, even the bad stuff. It feels really heavy to have it. But then after that, you’ll get to the dessert and you’ll be like ‘Yay! Oh my god, dessert!’ It’s like we’re back to the happy days again,” Nadine uttered.

“Choose to be happy” #NeverNotLoveYou #NNLY #AndreiShotThe

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You are clarity amidst the chaos. ✧@andreisuleik

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Dreams come thru

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“At the end of the meal, you’re full. Same in our relationship, you’re full here,” she said while pointing at her chest.

“We get through a lot of things, but then at the end of the day, we grow from it and learn a lot from it. The relationship just gets stronger,” Nadine noted.

James and Nadine sat down with the press after their summer campaign shoot with Folded & Hung on Thursday, March 02, at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

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