“Nakalimutan Kong Kalimutan Ka” Tugs Right At The Heart Strings

  • September 28, 2018

Fifth Solomon‘s directorial debut, Nakalimutan Kong Kalimutan Ka, has been generating buzz ever since Wilbros Productions has released its trailer online. After the trailer went viral, expectations for the film has gone up given that this is also Fifth’s debut as a screenplay writer since he was the one who wrote the film and it also boasts of a powerhouse cast that includes Alex Gonzaga, Vin Abrenica, Candy Pangilinan, Jerald Napoles, and more. With the film being placed on a pedestal before it even hit the big screens, did it live up to its hype?

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Nakalimutan Kong Kalimutan Ka Poster
Courtesy of @fifthsolomon on Instagram

The film tells the story of Jaz played by Alex Gonzaga. Jaz has recently just gone through a heavy breakup and is in desperate need of a way to forget about her sorrows. During her wallowing, this leads her to a clinic for the broken hearted, here Jaz is promised of a new heart which will not contain the hurt that she is feeling because of the break up. In an effort to clear her head before she goes through the procedure, Jaz goes on a soul searching trip with her best friend who is portrayed by Jerald Napoles.

For those who have had their hearts broken, many of them find themselves on a journey of self-discovery afterwards. During this time, one finds clarity in the midst of the sorrow that he or she is feeling. This was perfectly depicted by Alex Gonzaga whose portrayal of Jaz is as raw and genuine as she could. Every scene was lit up with Alex’s brilliant expression of the emotions needed, whether it be a heavy dramatic one or a comedic one.

Fifth Solomon takes his audience through a colorful journey filled with many punchlines and hugot lines that were written well and delivered by his cast with justice. Each line was written with careful thought and one could tell that it came straight from the heart. One of the film’s most iconic scenes that was beautifully shown by Fifth was that of Juan Miguel Severo’s spoken word scene. Out of the many scenes of the movie, that surely hit a chord with every audience member who knows what its like to have once given his or her heart to someone.

Overall, the film is a delight to watch for everyone. Whether you might be going through a breakup or not, you would surely be able to relate to a story that is as heartfelt as this.

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