Netizens Slam Moira Dela Torre for Performing at ‘Marcos Fest’

  • September 17, 2018

Over the weekend, Twitter was yet again on fire talking about Moira Dela Torre after thousands of anti-Marcos netizens slammed the singer-songwriter for performing at the Marcos Fest, a free concert in remembrance of the 101st birthday of then-President Ferdinand Marcos in Laoag City.

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Then-Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, marked as a dictator, brought the Philippines under Martial Law for 9 years.

In her defense, Moira claimed that the producers of the event did not give the full details of the event and that she is not a Marcos supporter.

However, Twitter user @paranoid_androo caught receipts of Moira’s Facebook account being tagged at the poster of the event, 4 days before the show. Not only that, Moira was seen reacting to the poster as well. This suggests that Moira was aware of the information of the event even before her arrival in Laoag.

In response to Moira’s claims, Ilocos Norte Tourism Officer Aian Raquel denied that there were no tricks made by the organizers and producers of the Marcos Fest.

In a Facebook post, Aian said: “Nobody tricked you, Moira Dela Torre. You knew that the event was called “Marcos Fest,” at the very least posters were up even before you flew to Laoag. Don’t make it seem like we lied to get you to perform. Ask your agent and your manager about it and please, don’t blame the “producers.” Thank you for bringing your music to Ilocos and we were really appreciative of you even if you were late for 20 minutes and with a bad, sickly voice. You were supposed to perform @ 10pm. We all had fun, Moira.”

Before this incident, Moira was already called out by the netizens for being “tone deaf” when it comes to social issues. Her single Titibo-tibo has heard criticisms from the LGBT community. Recently, Moira’s singing for SM Store theme song disappointed some who says SM is the “most contractualized company.”

In this age of political consciousness fuelled by social media, netizens have been critical of personalities and celebrities who are not politically or socially sensitive. However, some say that personalities and celebrities don’t owe the public an explanation of their personal political inclinations because, at the end of the day, it’s just business. But is it really? Let us know what you think on the comment section!

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