Never Not Love You Earns 20M In Two Days

  • April 3, 2018

James Reid and Nadine Lustre‘s big screen comeback Never Not Love You started out strong as it earns 20 million in its first two days. Despite premiering on Black Saturday and with no grand premiere night, JaDine’s new film has instantly become the talk of the town after receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from both netizens and the country’s most reputable movie critics.

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Directed by On The Wings of Love and Till I Met You director Antonette Jadaone, Never Not Love You is a romance-drama film that focuses on the relationship of Gio and Joanne and how love and passion changes over time.

International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Young Critics Program graduate and reputable movie critic Philbert Dy gave the film 4 out of 5 stars. He cited the film as a story of modern romance and applauded the two lead stars. He wrote: “James Reid really leans into the entitlement of his character, playing it as an uncompromising anger bubbling underneath his placid exterior. But it’s Nadine Lustre who really shines in this movie, the character’s history on display in practically every scene that she’s in, her every choice put into the context of the accumulation of Joanne’s experiences. She just makes everything feel meaningful. And together, the two display a familiarity and chemistry that might just be unmatched.”

Click The City’s movie critic and screenplay writer Wanggo Gallaga called the film his new favorite film of Antonette Jadaone. “Seeing Reid and Lustre, for the first time, is a wonderful surprise,” he wrote. “James Reid, as the carefree artist Gio, is charming and real. There is an anger in him that Reid taps into when Gio goes off into his temper tantrums but can easily display his vulnerability with the right trigger. You can see he’s listening and it’s a joy to watch. But the real star is Nadine Lustre. There is a whole world of emotions within her that she carries with every movement. She makes Joanne more than just your typical provincial girl with big city dreams.”

#NeverNotLoveYou tomorrow. #NNLY

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#NeverNotLoveYou #NNLY

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The twittersphere is also filled with glowing praises for the film.

The hype is definitely real! Never Not Love You is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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  • Nalalabuan ako ke Joanne sa ending… kung masaya ba sya o hati ang kanyang damdamin… seeing Joanne’s facial expression sa last few scenes akala ko meron pang twist..but nooooo unti unting nag black ang screen and that was it!!!…the end na pala… id like to think there will be part 2.