New Collection of Nadine Lustre’s Lustrous To Be Released on Anniversary Month of Vice and BLK Cosmetics

  • July 4, 2018

In the recently concluded Beauty Convention for Nadine Lustre‘s Lustrous cosmetics line under BYS Cosmetics last June 30, the actress who also serves as the Chief Creative Designer of the line announced that she will be releasing another collection on her birth month this year which is on October.

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With the success of the Lustrous line, the release of its second collection this coming October is expected to be even bigger than the first. What’s curious about the release of this second collection is that it also falls on the same anniversary month of two other cosmetic lines headed by celebrities namely Vice Ganda‘s Vice Cosmetics and Anne CurtisBLK Cosmetics.

Vice Cosmetics has just announced the release of a new batch of lippies coming soon with Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin as its endorsers.

While BLK Cosmetics has recently just released a new batch of lipsticks as well last June 15.

As of writing, it is only Nadine Lustre‘s Lustrous line with BYS Cosmetics that is sure to have a collection released on October and there is still no announcement from Vice Cosmetics and BLK Cosmetics but given that both brands will be celebrating its anniversary by then, it is not too far fetched to think that these three brands will go head-t0-head come October.

Do you think that a Beauty War might erupt on October?

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