Paul Soriano Sends Message to People Who Call Siargao ‘Shitty’

  • January 10, 2018

In our country with so many film enthusiasts who really shell out money and make time in watching the latest films, it’s always a challenge for our local directors and writers to come up with unique stories that would catch people’s attention.

One of the latest local films that made a huge buzz is Siargao directed by Paul Soriano. The surf romance film starring Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith is one the official entries in the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) which garnered awards including Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Second Best Picture among others.

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Set in the rustic but breathtaking surf island of Siargao, an island off Surigao del Norte in Caraga region of northeastern Mindanao a burned-out musician returns to his hometown to escape his troubles in the city. He meets a sheltered vlogger who is picking herself up after a failed relationship, while he seeks closure with a former love he left behind.

In a place filled with adventure, where people spend their days going with the flow of the tides and the direction of the waves, three people learn that the greatest adventure lies in learning to take the risk of commitment. – Ten17 Productions

But no matter how talented of a filmmaker you are like Direk Paul who had made several succesful movies before, an easy ride isn’t still guaranteed.

The awards Siargao received don’t necessarily mean that it had satisfied the viewers. Just like any other MMFF entires, the film also accumulated both good and bad feedback from moviegoers and film critics alike. Harsh reviews were published and countless of negative criticisms from netizens sprouted on social media. People went as fas as calling it ‘shitty’ and ‘boring.’ Established online brands even describes it a shallow movie and only looks good as an Instagram feed.

Despite all the negative comments thrown at Siargao, Direk Paul remains unaffected.

“With social media today, I’m tagged in all these reviews—good or bad comments, one liners. I’ve heard it all from people who call Siargao shitty or boring, to the people who have praised it.”

“For me naman, point of view nila yan. I respect their opinion. I saw their point, but of course, I’m proud of my film,” said Direk Paul in an interview of showbiz reporter Jocelyn Dimaculangan.

The award-winning director said that it’s healthy to know the negative reviews for it gives him an idea of how people think.

“You can’t please everybody. You’ll have the people that hate it, love it, like it, [and yung] okay lang. It’s part of the industry,” he added.

Siargao will be screened privately and for free in Siargao. This is Direk Paul and his team’s way of thanking the lovely people of the beautiful island.

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