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  • September 10, 2018



Words by Rosy Mina | Photography by Yukie Sarto | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte

From the moment he enters the picture and graces the big screen, with his calculated steps, piercing stare, subdued smirk, and steady stance, Paulo Avelino becomes Gregorio del Pilar in Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, a film about the national hero best remembered for the Battle of Tirad Pass. Sure, the boy-general is well-known for his good looks and love affairs but behind such image is a young man battling his doubts and fears. This is evident by Paulo’s embodiment of the young general, reflecting the unlikely mix of sternness, self-confidence, vulnerability, gutsiness, and uncertainty.

His intensive preparations for Goyo, which is a nickname of Gregorio, gave him this realization: “It did humanize my character and also gave me a sense that no one could be a superhero and no one can achieve so much without losing something or without failing in some aspects.” He adds, “It’s nice to see where we’re coming from because just like what one of the taglines of Goyo says, “Kilala mo ba kung sino ka?

The 30-year-old actor notes, “It’s like asking our fellow Filipinos, ‘Kilala mo ba kung sino ka? Kung saan ka galing? Kung ano ang nangyayari?’ And there are a lot of questions before you even get to ‘Kilala mo ba kung sino ka?’ and one big answer for that is getting to know where we came from, what our history is, what have we done wrong, and how we could fix everything.”


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With Goyo being a sequel to 2015 sleeper hit Heneral Luna, Paulo admits to feeling a lot of pressure. “Of course, not just because it’s a historical film but also because it is coming from the success of Heneral Luna. There are a lot of differences, actually. If Heneral Luna is more external, Goyo is more internal. Like it would not have the loudness of Heneral Luna.” 

Paulo also highlights the new things that audiences can learn from the movie despite knowing the hero’s fate. “They would want to see the journey of this coming-of-age film in terms of maturity. We always have these needs and wants and we tend to focus on what we want. We forget about what we really need to do and that’s one of the things that moviegoers would get to expect from Goyo.”

In the sea of movies filled with romantic-comedies, dramas, animated films, and superhero flicks, the historical biopic has garnered a newfound audience. “Well, number one is the production. Everything is beautiful. We have created sets and we have shot in places where you would not even think of shooting. The film is beautiful. The next one is people have always wondered about our history, like we never really bothered researching more than what we already know,” says Paulo.


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During a press conference for Goyo, Paulo surprised attendees when he expressed his interest to take a break or even retire from show business. But, he explained that the probable reason is because of the pressure to do certain types of movies whereas he wants more time to do passion projects. “I have been turning down projects left and right. But, we’ll see after Goyo,” admits the awarded actor who has been recognized by Gawad Urian.

He was last seen on the ongoing teleserye Asintado (his character Gael has died) while his last movie was Kasal (May 2018) which he headlined together with Derek Ramsay and Bea Alonzo. With Goyo rolling in theaters as of this writing, Paulo is now taping for the upcoming Angel Locsin teleserye The General’s Daughter. “There’s a lot, actually, on the table, but I want to concentrate on Goyo first.” He also points out: “I don’t have the vigor or energy as when I was younger when I would accept projects left and right. You know, it’s nice to focus on one project at a time and make sure you do your best.”



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