Piolo Pascual On New Collagen Product: It’s Not Just For Women!

  • June 6, 2018

Piolo Pascual has been one of the top choices for many brands as their ambassadors for many years and still holds that position dear for almost all of his endorsements up to this day. Adding to the list of his carefully chosen endorsements is the new My Daily Collagen. 

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In an intimate event with the press last Friday, Piolo shared his journey with discovering how collagen could be beneficial to people with active lifestyles.

It was a recent badminton injury that led Piolo to adding collagen to his daily regimen. After sustaining an injury from the sport, his doctor recommended him to take collagen for him to be able to recover faster. Upon hearing this, Piolo then asked if there are any collagen products that were in line for a possible endorsement with him, he was told that My Daily Collagen fit the type that his doctor was recommending to him so he signed on with them.

The press had many questions regarding how the product, which is most often associated with female consumption, fits right into the actor’s daily nutrition needs but Piolo was able to explain how the formula of My Daily Collagen is tailor fit for any gender.

My Daily Collagen is available at any major drugstore near you.

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