President Nadine Lustre Turns 25

  • October 31, 2018

It has been quite a year for Multimedia Queen and the netizen’s President, Nadine Lustre. From staging the JaDine Revolution concert at the Araneta Colosseum with boyfriend and love team partner, James Reid, to making waves at the box office with Never Not Love You, to launching her own make-up line called Lustrous, to filming her first solo movie without James entitled Ulan and to finally just releasing music with Careless Music Manila- Nadine Lustre proved that she is one force to be reckoned with in this industry given that all of these were achieved this year…and we still have two months left!

Nadine Lustre

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In an exclusive interview, we got to catch up with the netizen’s President just in time before she turned quarter of a century old.

More than ever, you look so comfortable with yourself and how you look. How do stay in shape?

I try to eat right as much as I can but sometimes I can’t. Food is too good. I still eat steak and all of things that I love but as much as I can I try to work out. Kailangan may effort talaga.

When you feel most beautiful?

All the time, I feel good all the time, I feel like I’m glowing all the time. I think it’s a matter of confidence lang talaga. It comes from within talaga.

Where do you get the confidence and strength to speak your mind?

I’m just being myself, that’s the number one thing for me. That’s why I’m confident in doing all the thing that I wanna do. If you don’t like it, so what? I like it.

Nadine Lustre

Are there any consequences that comes with that?

It does but who cares? I wanna live my life.  I don’t wanna grow old thinking na ‘I wish I did this and I wish I did that.’ We stop living life to the fullest when we think about what other people think about of us.

How do you balance being a role model and being true to yourself?

I guess people see me as that when it comes to being fierce, when it comes to being true, when it comes to being honest, it’s just that, being fearless. I can’t really say that I’m a role model to kids. That’s what people say all the time, ‘She’s not role model to kids because she’s always wearing bikinis, she always goes.’ I mean okay, so be it. I’m not a role model to kids but I am a role model to to everyone who looks up to me. I wanna be that kind of role model, the type who brings out the goodness out in people.

Nakakapagod ba to be that kind of person for everyone all the time?

No, kasi I’m just doing it for myself and not to impress anyone else so it’s all just all out of love. Love for myself, love for the people around me, love for my haters or whoever, diba? Yun yung center ko, just love.

Nadine Lustre

Let’s talk about your solo project Ulan, what update can you give us about it?

It’s really really fun! I super love working with Direk Irene [Villamor]. She just wants you to give her your 100% while shooting a scene and she’s always just one take so everything is fast and everything is flawless. She’s very artistic also so our set is always planned out its always beautiful. All of the details are very intricate because she wants everything to look dreamy.

How does it feel not being with James for this project?

Nakakapanibago not seeing James on set but I think it’s also a good thing. In a relationship you grow together but you also need to grow apart. I’m discovering a lot of new things about me on the set of Ulan without James and siya din sa music although we work together on music din naman. We don’t need to be together all the time to grow.

What can fans expect from JaDine now? Are you guys still returning to the big screen?

Babalik pa naman on screen but I mean we’re still doing stuff like music.

What do you miss most about working with James on set?

When I’m tired, it’s easy lang to get energy from him. Yung in a sense na maglalambing ka lang and then okay na. Kapag late na it’s okay kasi James is there pero its different pa rin kung 24/7 kasama si James.

Let’s talk about your solo music. What makes your upcoming songs different from your previous ones?

From my previous ones? This time I’m writing my own songs.

How is that going for you?

I love it! Ang nauna talaga sa music is Kiana [Valenciano], Bret [Jackson], and James.  Whenever they would listen their songs before, they would tell me na ‘Uy, you should start writing your songs!’ But back then I was always getting anxieties about my writing. I’m like that, I’m more on the visual side kasi, the visual side of the arts, so I don’t know how to write, I’m not good with words and that’s what I kept telling myself. Then sobrang na-discourage lang talaga ako. Then a few months ago I heard a beat from our friend and I was like ‘Yo! Can you send that beat to me?’ And then from that time I start writing to it. I wrote the first verse and then the hook and then I started singing it to James and he was like ‘Yo! This is gonna be a hit!’ So can you imagine how it made me feel na coming from a place na thinking na I can’t write and then I wrote my first song and made James listen to it, eh siya pa naman yung biggest critic ko.

Nadine Lustre

So is songwriting something that you’re starting to like?

I love it! It’s like what Kiana [Valenciano] was telling me before, she was saying ‘The first time I did it [songwriting], I was struggling but after that nagulat nalang ako na I was writing a lot of songs.’

Apart from songwriting, what else do you wanna do?

I wanna do a lot of charity work. I wanna start giving naman to people in need and to the environment.

Happy birthday, President Nadine! 

Nadine Lustre

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