Ronnie Alonte Calls Out Loisa Andalio For Showing Skin

  • November 26, 2018

Loisa Andalio is Ronnie Alonte’s and the matinee idol and heartthrob had no problem declaring that on the comments section of the beautiful actress’ Instagram post where she showed some skin.

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Over the course of Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte’s relationship, we have slowly gotten to know how they are as partners. Just recently, we have learned that Ronnie is the protective type of boyfriend.

Ronnie Alonte


In an Instagram post by Loisa Andalio where she is wearing a bikini in the pool, Ronnie jokingly expressed his disappointment with the actress’ choice of swimwear. He commented, “Ano yan???”

Loisa Andalio

Loisa took this lightly and simply replied with a playful sinister laugh to which Ronnie to again where he said that when he sees the actress he’s going to put a sack over her to cover her up.

Some netizens found these comment from Ronnie sweet as he came off as protective while others viewed it as too possessive.

How did you find Ronnie’s comments?

Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio are nominated at this year’s Inside Showbiz Awards! Head over to the Inside Showbiz Awards page to vote for them and your other favorites!

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  • how to vote loisa and ronie I’m a big fan of them coz of their truthfulness and natural attitude showing to people and one of the good actor and actress in showbiz industry.. they are just the same with jadine the way they show to public how down to earth they are not a plastic one but a real person who doesn’t even show or express to the public hey.. im an artist say hi. with me but not loisa shows her real attitude as a kikay or on how she is when she was not an artist before and talking with people or showing them what kind of person she is.. not maarte luv her being humble and kikay. stay humble bebe girl aface like kristine hermosa an a talented young actress