Sam Milby Reveals Reason of Break Up With Mari Jasmin

  • March 9, 2018

It seems like Sam Milby is still hurting from his recent breakup with model and influencer Mari Jasmin. The two have been silent about their breakup, but it’s obvious that the two have already separated ways. In the late night show of famous host Boy Abunda, Tonight With Boy Abunda, Sam opened up about his personal life.

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Sam said that now that he’s already 34, the thoughts of marriage and starting a family is already on his mind. Is this why they decided to end things? “I’m turning 34 in May. I’m thinking of getting married and having a family. I guess, without sharing too much, there are certain things that we don’t… Hindi ko ma-explain.”

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When asked if marriage is the thing they didn’t agree on, Sam said: “Yes and no.” The actor didn’t want to reveal more details about them for respect to Jasmin. “She’s a very private person when it comes to her personal life,” Sam said.

He also straight-forwardly said that they’re okay but wouldn’t say that they’re exactly friends. “I don’t wanna say we’re friends, na nag-uusap pa kami, no. But we’re okay.”

Sam also said that he’s not in a rush to be in a relationship right now. “Even if people ask me, am I ready to be in a relationship now? The thing is, I am not. I’m happy where I am now because I’m growing, and I need to grow a lot personally before I even think about getting into another relationship.”

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Currently, Sam is paired up with actress Yassi Pressman for the movie Ang Pambansang Third Wheel. 

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