WATCH: Showtime Magpasikat Performances That Blew Our Minds

  • October 18, 2018

On this year’s ‘Magpasikat‘, It’s Showtime teams led by Jugs and Teddy, Karylle, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, and Vice Ganda compete to win the coveted title for their 9th anniversary.

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On the first day, the group of Jugs and Teddy together with Zeus, Vitto, Maru, Mica, and Joana took the showtime stage. They delivered a heartwarming story of a father acting numerous numbers of TV shows in order to entertain his son.

With Teddy showing his fatherly side, matching it with the outstanding performance his acting son gave, the online world applauded their performance.

The Showtime stage was filled with water, drama, and color as the group of Vice Ganda, Tyang Amy, McCoy, Luke, Wilbert, Krissha, and Mikee take over the second-day of Magpasikat.

The performance was appealing to watch especially with Vice Ganda wearing a big white gown that turned into a colorful one when water poured down on him while singing ‘The Greatest’ by Sia.

Over the third day, the team of Vhong, Ryan, Nikko, CK, Paulo, Dawn, and Maika touched everyone’s heart as they deliver a performance with a message about bullying and importance of support from friends and family.

The story revolved around Ryan, a guy who wants to fit into Vhong Navarro’s group despite them bullying him. The performance ended with a strong message of ‘Stop Bullying’ which is rampant in the Philippines.

For the fourth day, the team of Anne and Mariel together with Jameson, Ryle, Tom, Kid, Sammie, and Kamille impressed everyone with their The Greatest Showman inspired performance.

The audience was thrilled when the group performed heart stopping routines that filled stage. Mariel Rodriguez for the first time in her showbiz career was seen dancing and performing on stage as said by Anne after the performance.

The remaining team to perform this week is Karylle and Jhong together with Ronnie, Jimboy, Rayt, Chienna, and Jessica. The announcement of this year’s winner will happen on Saturday.

Which team should win Showtime Magpasikat?

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