Sofia Andres Says She Doesn’t Care About Diego Loyzaga’s Personal Life

  • June 28, 2018

Young actress Sofia Andres just got back from her short break from showbiz and she’s already feeling great. In an entertainment press conference, the young actress revealed that she’s currently dating someone.

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showing you my colours.

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how’s your afternoon going? 🤗

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“I’m dating someone else, but it’s dating lang naman. Because for me, my parents are also strict, they want me to experience things din naman. Like, ‘You’re dating someone? Okay, but don’t rush things,” Sofia said.

Regarding her break up with Diego Loyzaga, Sofia said that she has already moved on. She also doesn’t want to speak up about the controversies her former love team partner is facing right now.

“Honestly, I don’t see anything pa but Diego knows naman what to do, I mean I don’t care about his personal life. I don’t say something about his personal life on social media, Diego knows na what he did,”

Do you think Sofia and Diego can be friends in the future?

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