SoFiego On Their Real Score!

  • July 1, 2017

“We’re very comfortable with each other,” Sofia Andres admits after mulling over what her status is with Diego Loyzaga. She likes to call what they have as a “special partnership,” and has also said it has been the most genuine among her experiences in love. The actress also quotes writer John Ernst Steinbeck when referring to their status: “We don’t rush things. Nothing good gets away.”

Potpot & Vida. Makikilala nyo po kami bukas na po! 😁

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Diego on his part says, “Read between the lines. I’m overprotective, I won’t be overprotective over someone who is just a typical friend. I care about Sofia more than I care about other artistas that I work with because we spend almost everyday with each other the past year getting ready for the soap. I really do care about her. If that’s what you would call a status, caring about someone more than other people, then yeah. Pero kung boyfriend- girlfriend, hindi kasi bata pa siya. Career na muna bago kami mag-love life, even if now it may look different on social media and how we talk to each other. ‘Di lang siguro namin napapansin na masyado kaming sweet sa harapan ng ibang tao, but that’s just how we are.”

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