Some AlDub Fans Still Refuse To Believe Maine-Arjo Romance

  • March 7, 2019

Even after Maine Mendoza confirmed it herself through a blog post that she is dating Arjo Atayde and that she’s only friends with Alden Richards, some AlDub fans still refuse to believe it. On Twitter, there are still a large chunk of AlDub fans who sincerely believe that all this is just a ploy to ruin the love team and that there will be a project that will soon be starred by Arjo and Maine which is why they’re pretending to be in a relationship. Moreover, some are also claiming that Maine’s blog post wasn’t written by her, and was just posted by her management.

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A certain Myrna Baluyot on Twitter has been tweeting that she allegedly talked to Maine and that the actress personally told her that she’s not with Arjo. She claims that Maine confirmed to her that everything isn’t real. She tweeted: “Sabi niya sakin wala silang relasyon ni Arjo pero talagang nililigawan siya. Maghinay-hinay lang daw ako sa mga posts ko. Binabasa daw niya write ups ko at naaapreciate naman niya ang mga depensa ko sa kanya,”

She even called Maine’s blog post “full of lies”.

Here are more screenshots of Myrna’s claims.

Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza


A netizen named Joy Wang also claimed that Maine and Alden are still set to get married, and are only going through a rough patch.

Maine Mendoza

It can be remembered that they are the people Maine mentioned on her latest blog post. Maine clarified: “Ms. Myrn Baluyot, Joy Wang, and the like are in no way connected to me, my friends, my family, and my management. I have no idea where they get their stories from but one thing is for sure, everything is fabricated,”

It’s alarming to see that despite Maine’s statement, some of the AlDub fans are still choosing to believe what these people are claiming.

Just like what Maine said on her blog posts, fangirling should be a fun hobby. Fans should be mindful on who to believe in, and should stop spreading fabricated stories that only make the fandom world toxic. Thankfully, most of the AlDub fans don’t believe them and have accepted Maine’s words, despite getting hurt.

What can you say about these people who fabricate stories about Alden and Maine and are fooling and hurting some fans even more?

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