Stars Who Supported Maymay’s Concert!

  • February 24, 2018

Even if she’s new to showbiz, Maymay Entrata has endeared herself to many stars in the local biz! Just ask big stars like Maja Salvador (who wants to work with Maymay because she found her adorable and down-to-earth) and Julia Barretto (who was seen hugging Maymay and supporting her as Shine in Loving in Tandem)! Many other stars support this humble and loveable Pinoy Big Brother winner and this support was seen during her first solo concert last night, “The Dream: Maymay in Concert.”

Here are some of the stars seen performing with Maymay during her big night, as well as those who watched her, just to show how much she’s loved!

Enchong Dee

An avid, energetic performer ever since, Enchong was seen firing up the stage with his moves! he did a number with Maymay herself of course!

Loving in Tandem co-stars, Catherine Bautista and Thou Reyes

These two talented actors and comedians starred with Maymay in her first ever film, Loving in Tandem. They still lent their support during that night by making sure they were present during Maymay’s big concert! What great friends and co-stars!

Fellow PBB housemates

Yong Mujahil has been with Maymay inside of the Pinoy Big Brother house and the two have had many rich experiences together. The same goes with Marco Gallo and Kisses Delavin, who were even in Loving in Tandem with Maymay! Another PBB housemate that was there at the concert was Cora Waddell! Of course these people wouldn’t miss the big night of their good friend!


Marco and Edward at the backstage of #MaymayLivingTheDream

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Girl group, 4th Impact

World-class girl group, 4th Impact, lent their support and talent that night when they performed with Maymay! The group became popular after competing in X Factor UK, where they finished fifth, and after competing in several Filipino and international competitions! It’s amazing that Maymay can perform with such world-class talent!

Maymay with 4th Impact! #MaymayLivingTheDream #TheDreamMaymayInConcert

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Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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