Sylvia Sanchez Gets Emotional Over Arjo-Maine Bashers

  • January 30, 2019

Arjo Atayde’s mother, Sylvia Sanchez, aired out her grievances over AlDub fans who have been sending her family death threats among other negative messages in the light of her son dating Maine Mendoza.

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Ever since Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza have been spotted hanging out together, the actor and his family has been targets of all kinds of bashing mostly from the AlDub community, Maine Mendoza’s fan base with her love team partner, Alden Richards. After months of speculating, Arjo finally confirmed that he is currently exclusively dating Maine Mendoza which only prompted haters to send more negative messages towards the Atayde family.

Sylvia Sanchez has since then addressed the issue during a pocket interview with members of the press and the media. “Since September until last Friday, wala akong inalmusal kundi puro mura, puro pambabatikos, puro panglalait sa mga anak ko, sa akin, sa asawa ko, sa buong pamilya basta puro pinagmumura ako.”

Ms. Sylvia even brought up an incident where a basher targeted her as a mother which prompted her to invite the frustrated fan to meet with her so that they could hear each other out. “Mayroong isang account na tinag ako. Ang sabi niya, ‘Sylvia Sanchez, ina ka rin. Nakikiusap ako na pagsabihan mo si Arjo na tigilan na niya si Maine. Nasasaktan ako bilang ina din. Durog na durog na si Maine sa sobrang panggagamit ni Arjo.’ Ganoon yung message. Ngayon sinagot ko ‘yun, sabi ko na parangO sige, ina din ako. Naiintindihan ko yung nararamdaman ni Arjo at ni Maine. Naiintindihan ko at naiintindihan kita. Tara usap tayo. Kita tayo sa isang hotel. Kita tayo doon ng 7pm sa Resorts World sa Coffee Maxim.’ ‘Yun ang sinabi ko.”

The matriarch of the Atayde family admits that she does not believe that all fans from the AlDub Nation are all bashers and that some of them have genuinely good hearts but she urges those who threaten the lives of her children to just target her instead. “Ina ako na nagtitimpi, ina ako na nasasaktan para sa mga anak ko. Pero yung makita ko na sabihin ng mga AlDub Nation fans, hindi man lahat kasi naniniwala pa rin ako na mayroong mga fans ang AlDub na mababait na good heart, pero meron ding mga bashers talaga. Ito nalang pakiusap ko sa inyo bilang ina: yung pagbabanta niyo na patayin si Ria, si Arjo, ako, asawa ko, ako nalang. Ako nalang. Barilin niyo ‘ko, patayin niyo ‘ko, tatanggapin ko, ako nalang. Bilang nanay huwag na mga anak ko, huwag na sila, ako nalang. Nakikiusap ako ako nalang patayin niyo.”

The press tried to further ask Ms. Sylvia regarding the matter but she declined and said that she has already said her piece.

Watch her full statement below in entertainment vlogger Rider.PH’s video:

Have the AlDub Nation fans gone too far?

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  • in that case she must clear things once & for all that her son is not dating ADN’s Queen, sure as a mother she knows the truth😮…and the exclusively dating is an assumption of him😂😂

  • i hate arjo! ayokong maging basher pero he dont deserve maine mendoza! yan ang napala masyadong atat sa lovelife kaka break lang eh! or should i say he broke up with sammie kc atat makipag date ky maine mendoza!