The Inside Showbiz Appreciation Night Special

It’s no secret that Filipinos are big fans of the entertainment industry. Admit it or not, we all grew up watching teleseryes and news programs that include the latest happenings on our favorite celebrities. With a large number of big celebrities and showbiz hopefuls here in the country, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and see […]

What Do Donny Pangilinan, Alex Diaz, Vince Van Dorpe and Wil Dasovich Have In Common?

In an industry that is saturated by good looking men, it takes more than just a pretty face to make you stand out. Take it from Donny Pangilinan, Alex Diaz, Vince van Dorpe, and Wil Dasovich. Four of today’s most desirable showbiz personalities that are so different from each other yet are brought together by […]

IN PHOTOS: All The Looks That Alex Diaz Served In Taipei, Taiwan

If there’s one thing that actor and singer Alex Diaz does not get enough recognition for, it’s his fashion. The multi-hyphenate performer and content creator spent last week in Taipei, Taiwan and we can’t get enough of his outfits! RELATED: Tony Labrusca Denies Being In A Relationship With Alex Diaz Alex flew to Taipei last Tuesday […]

Boom Labrusca Consoles Son Tony After Airport Scandal

Actor Boom Labrusca has spoken up about his son Tony’s airport scandal that went viral last week. Last week, an immigration officer posted about the young actor’s alleged rude behavior towards the officer’s superior after he was only give 30 days to stay in the country. RELATED: Tony Labrusca Shows”Diva” Behavior Towards Immigration Officers In an interview […]

Angel Jones Slams Son Tony Labrusca’s Alleged Relationship With A Man

Tony Labrusca’s mother, Angel Jones, has now spoken up about the rumors that her son is in a relationship with another man. Reports and allegations of Tony seeing someone surfaced when he was spotted with Alex Diaz at Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport where Tony’s outburst with an immigration officer happened. RELATED: Tony […]

DFA Secretary On Tony Labrusca: “Just Deport Him”

It has been a few days since Tony Labrusca’s outburst with an immigration officer at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport went viral among netizens and it seems like the news isn’t dying down anytime soon. More personalities are getting involved in the issue as well. One of these personalities is the Depart of Foreign Affairs […]

Tony Labrusca Denies Being In A Relationship With Alex Diaz

Ever since the issue of Tony Labrusca’s alleged altercation with an immigration officer at NAIA broke out, more and more controversies stemming from the incident have been coming up through social media. Netizens are now painting Alex Diaz as Tony’s “boyfriend” ever since the former came forward with a statement of his own recounting of […]

ICYMI: What Went Down At The Converse #ChucksFirst Event

20:20 and XX:XX were the places to be last weekend for anyone who’s anyone. Party-goers, music lovers, and fashion enthusiasts came together for the official Converse #ChucksFirst launch. RELATED: Which Male Celebrity Is Your Street Style Crush? It was a definitely a night to remember for everyone who was there but if you were one of […]

Which Male Celebrity Is Your Street Style Crush?

Street wear has always been a permanent staple in any guy’s closet but not everyone can pull off head-to-toe street style like Alex Diaz, Markus Paterson, Ryle Santiago, and Miguel Tanfelix. In the latest photos from Converse #ChucksFirst, these four men donned their best street wear with a pair of the classic Chucks and we […]

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Diaz Shares The Meaning Behind His First Single “Dulo”

Young actor Alex Diaz has become many things since he has entered show business. From doing television shows to bringing his acting chops to the theater stage and even besting many of the country’s men and women who are in top shape in the recently concluded Spartan Race since he has been a fitness enthusiast, […]