Bailey May for Inside Showbiz Weekly

GOING GLOBAL Bailey May Words by Rosy Mina | Photography by Yukie Sarto | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte Three years ago, former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Bailey May would wake up early in the morning and would sometimes head to the swimming pool in his condominium. He would […]

Bailey May Says He Does Not Miss Ylona Garcia

It seems like things between the BaiLona love team are definitely over and has no chance of being a love team again since Bailey May has publicly declared that he does not miss Ylona Garcia on social media comments. RELATED: Bailey May Confirms End of BaiLona Love Team In a now deleted post which had the […]

Bailey May Shows Off Jeepney “Sabit” Skills

Filipinos have many habits that make our culture truly a unique, one of these being the act of hanging on the back of a jeepney for a ride or more commonly known as “sabit” and like the true Filipino he is, young actor and singer Bailey May showed off his sabit skills on Instagram. RELATED:  Bailey May Confirms […]

Bailey May Confirms End of BaiLona Love Team

It has almost been a year since Bailey May left Philippines to pursue a Hollywood career with global pop group, Now United. He’s been  exploring the world with his fellow members while also doing what they love the most: performing! Today, he comes back to Manila with his pop group to perform their amazing dance moves and hold press interviews. […]

Bailey May’s Now United Adventure

It has almost been a year since Bailey May left Philippines to pursue a Hollywood career with global pop group, Now United. And as much as we miss seeing him on television, we are so proud of having a talented Filipino young man in a pop group consisting of gifted performers from different races. Related:  Why Did Bailey […]

Why Did Bailey May Unfollow Ylona Garcia and Markus Paterson on Instagram?

Fans and netizens are abuzz now that they noticed that Bailey May has unfollowed his love team partner Ylona Garcia and his friend Markus Paterson on Instagram.  BaiLona fans are wondering why this happened especially since Bailey and Markus are very good friends. Related: BaiLona Reunites And Fans Can’t Handle It  Recently, there has been rumors […]

Bailey May Graduates From Grade 10

Former PBB Housemate and half of the #BaiLona love team, Bailey May, has just graduated from Grade 10 in ETON International School. RELATED: Bailey May The Next Global Heartthrob? IVE GRADUATED BAAAAAAAAABY !!!! I just wanna say thank you to Teacher Diane for everything ! I also wanna thank @francisco.jose.garcia17 for taking me to school when […]

Celebrities Post Their Mother’s Day Greetings on Social Media

On May 14, 2018, the world celebrated Mother’s Day and moms everywhere enjoyed a day dedicated to celebrating the love and the hard work that they selflessly give to their offsprings. Almost every one took to social media to greet their mothers, celebrities included of course, and we’ve spotted some of the sweetest greetings from […]

BaiLona Reunites And Fans Can’t Handle It

It’s been a long time since we saw Bailey May and Ylona Garcia together. The love team separated ways when Bailey joined the global pop group, Now United. Since then, Bailey hasn’t been staying in the country and Ylona is now paired with Henz Villaraiz. Related: Is Ylona Garcia Getting A New Love Team Partner?  Recently, BaiLona fans […]

Young Heartthrobs Who Will Melt Hearts this 2018

We can’t deny the fact that there are countless of handsome talents in show business. Since we have multiple talent agencies in the country which never stop introducing new actors year after year, we can’t help but be always on the lookout for who’s going to be the next one to capture our hearts. Related: Dapper Heartthrobs at […]