Celebrities React To Jameson Blake’s Shout Out Offer To Graphic Designers

Actor Jameson Blake has gotten a lot of flack online after posting a request for free work from graphic designers in exchange for a “shout out” from netizens and that included celebrities who felt that Jameson was undermining the value of work that he is asking for. RELATED: Jameson Blake Gets Called Out By Netizens For […]

Celebrating Women: 6 Life Lessons From Filipina Celebs We Look Up To

Happy Women’s Day and Women’s Month, Inside Showbiz readers and to the special women in your lives! We’re celebrating this day especially devoted for women today, March 8, and the whole month of March. This special day aims to celebrate women’s achievements through history and all over the world. It is also a day to push […]

Who’s The Cutest Celebrity Fambam? Vote now!

Some famous celebrities have really become full-time parents after getting married. Most of today’s celebrity couples are now giving their full attention to their children and making it their top priority instead of their showbiz jobs. It’s very touching to see our favorite TV personalities transitioned into responsible mommies and daddies with their little ones! Check […]

Which Among These Iconic Women Has Inspired You The Most?

MEGA has listed 25 influential women for an extraordinary surprise on its 25th anniversary celebration this year. It is a list of women that made a mark in entertainment industry who are continuous in inspiring women of different generations. The roster of iconic women is a mixture of prime and young stars from different networks with unique stories to tell—25 […]

Celebrities Express Disappointment on Heroes Burial For Marcos

The Executive branch of the government had put the whole country in great disappointment and indignation after making a decision to allow the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes Shrine). After the official announcement of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 8, thousands of negative reactions from the netizens sprouted […]

Which Among These MEGA Magazine Issues Is Your Fave?

MEGA Magazine is known for bringing the country’s brightest stars in beautiful travel destinations around the globe. The Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine have published prestigious issues shot outside the country featuring prime celebrities: 2011- Bianca Gonzalez in Russia Television host Bianca Gonzalez graced the cover of MEGA’s September 2011 issue shot right in front of […]

Bianca Gonzalez Slams Online Bullies

A basher got into the nerves of Kapamilya star Bianca Gonzalez after calling her first born “negra.” Bianca recently posted a photo of her daughter Lucia on Instagram. The actress proudly shared to her fans that her first baby with JC Intal has turned 6 months and has started eating solid food. An Instagram user […]