Is Tony Labrusca Liza Soberano’s Leading Man In Darna?

Tony Labrusca has been the subject of many whispers in relation to the upcoming Darna film starring Liza Soberano saying that he is reportedly going to be the leading man. RELATED: Tony Labrusca Shares He Has No Plans Of Courting Kisses Delavin In an interview with ABS-CBN, the hunky actor clarified that those whispers are merely […]

Liza Soberano Grabs Dinner With Former Darna Director Erik Matti

A week after the announcement of Director Erik Matti‘s resignation from the highly-anticipated Darna movie, the former director and millennial Darna Liza Soberano bid farewell to each other by having dinner together. In the director’s Instagram post, he shared a photo of the said dinner and wrote that if anyone deserved a proper goodbye, it’s Liza. The […]

Erik Matti Releases Statement on Leaving Darna Movie

Following the announcement of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema, Director Erik Matti bid goodbye to the project that he’s been working on for five years. On an emotional Instagram post, the director expressed that he wished he was able to finish the project after working hard on it for a long time. Related: Erik Matti Shrugs Off […]

Erik Matti No Longer The Director of Darna With Liza Soberano

Critically-acclaimed director Erik Matti is no longer a part of the highly-anticipated remake of pinay superhero, Darna. Via a press statement from ABS-CBN released on October 4, Thursday. Related: Erik Matti Shrugs Off Criticisms For Casting Liza Soberano as Darna  “ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and director Erik Matti have mutually decided to part ways in the filming of “Darna” […]

Liza Soberano Gives A Peek of Her Darna Training

It’s been a long time since we got an update about Liza Soberano reprising the role of Filipina superhero Darna. Many have been wondering if the project will still push through since there hasn’t been any news about it but today, fans are overjoyed and excited once again when Liza posted some photos of her training for the […]

Is The Darna Movie Starring Liza Soberano Still Pushing Through?

Ever since Liza Soberano was announced as the next Darna, everyone has been patiently waiting for the release of the movie. It’s almost been a year since Liza was announced as the millennial Darna and there hasn’t been any teasers or photos which make people wonder if the project has been shelved. Related: Liza Soberano Excited […]

Liza Soberano’s “Darna” Is Still Pushing Through!

Here’s some great news: The Darna movie starring Liza Soberano is confirmed to be flying to your nearest theater! This, after it was confirmed that the movie will still be made. There were rumors earlier that the film was canceled. This news appeared in Ricky Lo’s column in The Philippine STAR yesterday. Said Ricky, “According to a Funfare source, Darna has been […]

Liza Soberano Excited for her Stunt Training!

Liza Soberano can be considered as one of the most successful young actresses of her generation. Aside from getting a teleserye for 2018, Liza is also going to bring life to the country’s most iconic female superhero, Darna. Related: Liza Soberano Wants to be A Conservative Darna Liza said that she’s extremely busy shooting her new teleserye, […]

Liza Soberano Wants to be A Conservative Darna

Liza Soberano, who is a self-confessed conservative lady, recently revealed that she’s a little apprehensive what her Darna costume will look like. Darna is a Filipino superhero who’s popular not just for her super powers, but also for her iconic red costume. Since its comics release in 1950, the design of Darna’s costume has always been sexy and […]

Liza Soberano Excited to Shoot Darna Film

19-year-old Liza Soberano is pretty much one of the luckiest young actresses in the biz. Not only because of scoring a very handsome love team partner Enrique Gil (Well, they’re both lucky to be paired with each other), but also because of her evidently flourishing career. Liza gets the biggest endorsements as well as the […]