Sofia Andres Says She Doesn’t Care About Diego Loyzaga’s Personal Life

Young actress Sofia Andres just got back from her short break from showbiz and she’s already feeling great. In an entertainment press conference, the young actress revealed that she’s currently dating someone. Related: Sofia Andres Takes A Month Long Hiatus From Appearing On TV  showing you my colours. A post shared by Sofia Alejandre (@iamsofiaandres) on […]

Diego Loyzaga Defends Himself From Grab Driver’s Accusations

Actor Diego Loyzaga is in hot waters right now after a Grab driver filed a complaint against him. The driver named Ronel accused the actor of being violent while drunk on the road. In an interview, Ronel said: “Bigla na lang silang bumulusok, bineat pa nga nila yung red light. Tapos biglang tumalon itong artistang si […]

Is Sofia Andres Dating Mavy Legaspi?

After her sudden exit from Bagani, Sofia Andres has become a part of many controversies. From accusations about her allegedly bad attitude to her breakup with Diego Loyzaga and now, rumors has it that she’s dating the son of Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi, Mavy Legaspi. Related: Sofia Andres Breaks Silence on Her Sudden Departure From Bagani explore life w […]

Diego Loyzaga Accused of “Using Connections” By Netizens After Posting Throwback Photo In Boracay

Diego Loyzaga faced accusations of using his father, Cesar Montano, to gain access to Boracay after he posted a photo of him and two other friends which later on Diego explained is actually a throwback photo. RELATED: Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga Unfollow Each Other on Instagram Imagine if i never met the broskies (Have to […]

Sofia Andres Posts Cryptic Tweet: “Can you let me be happy?”

Sofia Andres‘ name has been the subject of controversies recently. From accusations of bad attitude, her early departure in Bagani and break up and bad blood with former love team partner Diego Loyzaga, Sofia’s name has been the talk of the town. Related: Is Sofia Andres Leaving The Kapamilya Network?  Recently, Sofia posted a cryptic tweet on […]

Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga Unfollow Each Other on Instagram

Diego Loyzaga requested netizens to stop linking him to former love team partner, Sofia Andres. After the actor posted a photo with a non-showbiz friend, netizens quickly reacted and asked Diego why he posed with a girl like that when it is rumored that he’s in a relationship with Sofia. Diego responded and broke fans’ […]

Diego Loyzaga Denies Break Up With Sofia Andres

The tandem of Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres is definitely one of the strongest in this messy and crazy world of showbiz. In this industry where break ups and fall outs happen a little too often, people automatically assume that a pair has broken up when they start to lie low. But in his Tonight With […]

Diego Loyzaga Asks Respect For Sofia Andres

Sofia Andres‘ on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend has come to her defense after she was bashed on social media. The bashing started when Sofia posted a photo of her Instagram in a sexy red swimsuit. The photo has garnered 176,236 likes as of writing, but even though it was well-received, bashers still found a way […]

Maris Racal Receives Surprise Birthday Party From Fans

Singer and actress Maris Racal turned 20 in the best way possible: with a surprise birthday party courtesy of her ever-loving and loyal fans. Maris wasn’t expecting nor asking anything for her birthday this year, but it turned out to be one of her best ones yet. Related: Maris Racal’s 20 Birthday Wishes For Inigo A post […]

These Stars Celebrate 1M Followers

Instagram is one of celebrities favorite social media platforms where they normally share their precious photos. Their personal accounts are also made for the fans to see what’s currently going on both in their personal and professional lives. It also serves as their ‘portfolios’ where they can market and showcase their talents and career milestones. That’s why […]