Jenine Desiderio Further Explains Gatecrasher Issue

The plot gets thicker with veteran singer-actress Jenine Desiderio and her possible issues with her daughter, My Fairy Tail Love Story star, Janella Salvador and her leading man and love team partner, Elmo Magalona. Jenine just posted on her Facebook account again this afternoon about the gatecrasher issue and reiterated that it was true, and […]

Sweetest Valentine Messages of Your Fave Celeb Couples

It’s the day after Valentine’s  day and the hype on social media is far from over. There’s no escaping the flowers, chocolates and all the sweetness whether online or in real life. While that may be a bad thing for some, for us who follow the lives of celebrities, we love it when we get […]

Sweetest Love Team Photos of All Time!

Love teams give us a nostalgic feeling of our first loves and happy endings. And this month of love, nothing is sweeter than seeing our favorite sweethearts send some love on social media. Related: Six Filipino Rom Com Love Teams We’d Watch Again This Valentine’s Day We’ve rounded up some of the most trending love teams […]

Janella Salvador’s Mom Strikes Again

Janella Salvador’s mom, Jenine Desiderio, is known for not mincing words whenever she’s angry at someone, or wants to make her point known. The veteran actress and singer posted about her anger once again via her Facebook account last Feb. 2, when she posted saying, “Makapal na sinungaling pa” To whom is this post addressed? […]

Which Young Love Team Will Go Out This Valentine’s Day?

It’s February and everyone knows what that means! Love is in the air, restaurants are fully-booked, bouquets of flowers everywhere. Valentine’s day is upon us, and as much as some people hate it, the holiday becomes a little bearable whenever we see our favorite celebrity couple celebrate the day of love together. Related: 5 New Love […]

Elmo and Janella for Inside Showbiz Weekly

THE ELNELLA FAIRY TALE The sweetness and good vibes coming from the Elmo and Janella tandem are not just evident while the cameras are rolling. Their kilig certainly transcends the screen. Not so long ago, after their love teams in different media networks came to an end, the stars aligned for showbiz royalties Elmo Magalona and […]

Janella Salvador Gets Close with Magalona Clan

In an interview of ABS-CBN entertainment with Elmo Magalona, the actor revealed how happy he was about his performance with Janella Salvador during his sister’s wedding. Related: ElNella Gets Cozy In Boracay Elmo graced his sister Maxene Magalona’s wedding with his rumored girlfriend and love team partner, Janella Salvador. The two were spotted looking cozy around […]

11 Love Teams Who Melt Our Hearts at ABS-CBN Christmas Special

Local showbiz is known for successfully establishing love teams and producing the most remarkable romantic movies of all time. There had been screen romances even during the first era of show business until today. Indeed, the industry never fails to inspire us with countless of heart fluttering stories portrayed by our favorite actors and actresses. Because […]

10 Stunning Love Teams That Caught Our Attention

Admit it or not, love teams are a big part of our country’s entertainment industry. As suckers of kilig and romance, we can’t help but admire tandems who grace our television screens, which is why it’s always a treat to be seeing them attend events as well. Star Magic Ball is one of, if not the […]

ElNella Does The Spicy Noodle Challenge

The latest people to jump into the Spicy Noodle Challenge bandwagon is none other than the ElNella love team. Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona were challenged to test their tolerance, and of course, the two gladly did it. Related: ElNella Spotted Wearing Couple Shoes However, after just one bite, Janella couldn’t do it anymore and drank the milk […]