Pia Wurtzbach and Gerald Anderson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

The Perfect Project Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is dressed down, garbed in a light cotton dress or clothed in a top and shorts. She is barefaced with her long locks either unfixed or hurriedly styled. Awarded hunk actor Gerald Anderson, meanwhile, has rowdy hair and an unshaved countenance. His tanned body dons a simple […]

JuanBie for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MAKING WAVES The right time has come for JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial, JuanBie, as they embark on their biggest break in showbiz to date. It is a picture-perfect afternoon. The seawater is tranquil. The sun is not so punishing. The clouds are like light strokes painted on the bright blue sky. Everything is […]

JuanBie: Oozing with Chemistry at Inside Showbiz Cover Shoot!

Be on the lookout because JM De Guzman is back with a new serye, Precious Heart Romances, Araw Gabi. He will be paired with rising actress Barbie Imperial who is 10 years younger than him. They will be introduced as JuanBie. RELATED: JM de Guzman Pairs Up With Barbie Imperial for Araw Gabi JM de Guzman […]

LoiNie for Inside Showbiz Weekly

FINALLY TOGETHER They come into the room simply clad in casual outfits. But their charm, appeal, and strong personalities scream through the way they carry themselves. Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, LoiNie, are young, but they are already edgy and so outspoken. They take in stride the bashing they have received since their love team was […]

Coleen Garcia for Inside Showbiz Weekly

READY FOR LOVE Coleen Garcia is a mix of poise, sweetness, wisdom, and self-confidence as she talks about her upcoming movie and forthcoming wedding to Billy Crawford. In a few months time, at the age of 25, Coleen Garcia will be Mrs. Billy Crawford. While others are agog about the details of their wedding, Coleen is […]

Elmo and Janella for Inside Showbiz Weekly

THE ELNELLA FAIRY TALE The sweetness and good vibes coming from the Elmo and Janella tandem are not just evident while the cameras are rolling. Their kilig certainly transcends the screen. Not so long ago, after their love teams in different media networks came to an end, the stars aligned for showbiz royalties Elmo Magalona and […]

Jodi Sta. Maria for Inside Showbiz Weekly

DRIVEN BY PASSION Jodi Sta. Maria is a vision of contentment and determination as she continues to follow her heart, pursue her dreams, and carve more achievements. “It’s my passion,” the acclaimed actress tells Inside Showbiz Weekly about her craft. “I love what I do and I am not here lang naman solely because of […]

Maja Salvador for Inside Showbiz Weekly

THE DANCE PRINCESS RETURNS The multi-talented star will then return to one of her loves, performing, with a worldwide concert tour titled “Maja On Stage” “Magical.” This is the word Maja Salvador uses to describe her 2017. “Kasi ang bilis nung mga pangyayari,” she explains. “Nung merong I’m Drunk I Love You, ang daming nag-love sa character ko na […]

Daniel Padilla for Inside Showbiz Weekly

SUPER BOY Teen dream and box office king Daniel Padilla kicks of the new year with a smash hit! And just like that the holiday season has come to a close, along with another successful season of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). In the 43rd run of the festival, Daniel Padilla who plays superhero Rappido, […]

Pia Wurtzbach for Inside Showbiz Weekly

QUEEN OF ALL TRADES Pia Wurtzbach sits down with Inside Showbiz Weekly to dish the details of her upcoming movie, how she prepared for the role, her experiences on set, how she managed to juggle her busy showbiz life and advocacies, and her future plans. SHOWBIZ COMEBACK  Miss Universe 2015 returns to the big screen […]