LOOK: JaDine Shooting New Music Video in South Korea

Aside from attending the prestigious Seoul Fashion Week, James Reid and Nadine Lustre are doing another project in South Korea. The love team and real-life couple are reportedly shooting there for their upcoming music video. Related: Nadine Lustre on Summer MV Interpretations: “No one got close”  According to Careless Music Manila’s Instagram, the music video is […]

JaDine Stuns in Seoul Fashion Week

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are having the time of their lives in Seoul, Korea. Clad in the coolest outfits as per usual, the love team and real life couple attended today’s show at Seoul Fashion Week. Related: Netizens Are Obsessed With JaDine’s Hot ASAP Performance  The couple arrived with DJ and producer Avin.   As […]

What’s With James Reid’s Neon Green Binder Clip Accessory?

If there’s one celebrity that can pull off any fashion accessory, no matter how trendy it is, it’s James Reid. The multi-media prince sported an unusual accessory on national TV last Sunday that’s actually one of the trendiest global accessories in the market right now! RELATED: James Reid Admits To Living Together With Nadine Lustre James […]

James Reid Admits To Living Together With Nadine Lustre

James Reid has finally confirmed that he is indeed living under the same roof with Nadine Lustre. The question has been evaded by the real life couple ever since it was asked to Nadine by a reporter back in 2017. Nadine went viral for neither confirming or denying the rumor and ended her statement with […]

Netizens Are Obsessed With JaDine’s Hot ASAP Performance

The Multimedia royalties Nadine Lustre and James Reid set the ASAP stage on fire on March 10, Sunday when they performed their latest duet, ‘Summer’. Related: Nadine Lustre on Summer MV Interpretations: “No one got close”  The ASAP audience went wild when James and Nadine performed ‘Summer’ for the first time in television. The track is […]

The Inside Showbiz Appreciation Night Special

It’s no secret that Filipinos are big fans of the entertainment industry. Admit it or not, we all grew up watching teleseryes and news programs that include the latest happenings on our favorite celebrities. With a large number of big celebrities and showbiz hopefuls here in the country, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and see […]

Nadine Lustre Says Relationship With James Reid “Healed” Her

Actress Nadine Lustre was almost in tears when she opened up how relationship with boyfriend and love team partner James Reid immensely healed her. On her guesting at Tonight With Boy Abunda, the multi-hyphenate actress answered straightforwardly that she couldn’t even imagine her life now without James. Teary-eyed, Nadine said: “Parang no. Iiyak ako. I’m really, really thankful that he […]

JaDine, KathNiel, and DonKiss Win Big At The Inside Showbiz Awards

The best of Philippine showbiz were recognized last night at the Inside Showbiz Appreciation Night that was held at Churchill Bistro at Estancia, Capitol Commons. Out of all of the awardees that were given recognition last night, three love teams took home the most accolades both as a tandem and individually. These love teams are JaDine, KathNiel, and […]

Here’s What You Missed at the First Ever Inside Showbiz Appreciation Night

To celebrate the winners of the first ever Inside Showbiz Awards, we spent our Sunday night partying with both the biggest names of the entertainment industry and showbiz neophytes at Churchill Bistro in Estancia, Capitol Commons. Because of your never-ending support and effort, your favorite celebs got to bring home the awards for the categories television, film, […]

Today’s Top Love Teams Win Big At 50th Box Office Entertainment Awards

Love teams were the big winners at the 50th Box Office Entertainment Awards. Our favorites like KathNiel, JoshLia, JaDine, LoiNie, and MayWard bagged awards at the prestigious award giving body for Filipino media. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen #MegaMillennials BTS Photos of JaDine Golden Jury Award for Highest Grossing Film of All Times: “The Hows Of […]