Janella Salvador Rocks Queen Song With Father Juan Miguel Salvador

Janella Salvador shared a rare moment with her father, Juan Miguel Salvador, over the weekend where they both rocked out to Queen’s iconic song “We Will Rock You”.  RELATED: WATCH: Is this Janella Salvador’s Break Up Anthem? In a rare moment that was captured by those who were lucky enough to be present, Janella Salvador and […]

Janella Salvador Exposes Abusive Relationship With Elmo Magalona

Janella Salvador has given more details on the alleged abusive relationship that she has with her love team partner Elmo Magalona in an exclusive interview with the Philippine Star. RELATED: Janella Salvador Breaks Silence on Alleged Physical Abuse From Elmo Magalona The ElNella love team is definitely going through a  rough patch right now as reports […]

Jenine Desiderio Accuses Elmo Magalona of Physically Hurting Janella Salvador

Just days after her birthday and reconciliation with daughter Janella Salvador, Jenine Desiderio is making the headlines again after accusing Elmo Magalona of physically hurting her daughter. In a series of tweets she sent last night, September 25, Jenine  called out an entertainment blog site: “Fashion Pulis, how much did Pia Magalona pay you to […]

Jenine Desiderio Reveals Reconciliation With Janella Salvador

The highly-publicized conflict of Jenine Desiderio and daughter Janella Salvador has been going on for almost more than a year now. It can be remembered that this messy issue started back in July 2017 when Jenine sent a series of tweets about her daughter disobeying her rules. “Napakahirap bang magpaalam? 2 simple, basic rules hindi […]

Jenine Desiderio Claims Daughter Janella Salvador Sided With Driver Over Her

It looks like the long-standing conflict between celebrity mother-daughter Jenine Desiderio and Janella Salvador still hasn’t come to an end. In a recent Facebook post by Jenine, she claims that her daughter sided with their driver over her. The celebrity mother wrote: “Eh yung nahuli mo na on 3 occasions yung driver ng anak mo (with […]

Jenine Desiderio Says Janella Salvador Didn’t Greet Her on Mother’s Day

It seems like the conflict between actress Janella Salvador and her mother Jenine Desiderio still hasn’t come to an end. Their mother-daughter rift has been going on for months now, with many assuming that it’s because of Janella’s rumored relationship with love team partner Elmo. While the young actress has been tight-lipped about the issue, […]

Did Jenine Desiderio Throw Shade On Her Daughter Janella Salvador?

It looks like the feud between mother-daughter Jenine Desiderio and Janella Salvador is still ongoing. After Janella posted on her Instagram a selfie with a caption about self-love and handling criticisms, her mother Jenine’s post sounded like a subtle shady response. RELATED: Jenine Desiderio Speaks Up About Longstanding Conflict With Janella Salvador Janella wrote: “As an […]

Jenine Desiderio Speaks Up About Longstanding Conflict With Janella Salvador

Actress and celebrity Janella Salvador just turned 20 few days ago but it seemed that even her special day can’t iron out her conflict with her mother. While Janella refuses to talk about the longstanding issue, her mother, Jenine Desiderio, continues to air out their misunderstanding on social media. Related: ElNella Recreates La La Land In California  […]

Jenine Desiderio Further Explains Gatecrasher Issue

The plot gets thicker with veteran singer-actress Jenine Desiderio and her possible issues with her daughter, My Fairy Tail Love Story star, Janella Salvador and her leading man and love team partner, Elmo Magalona. Jenine just posted on her Facebook account again this afternoon about the gatecrasher issue and reiterated that it was true, and […]

Janella Salvador’s Mom Strikes Again

Janella Salvador’s mom, Jenine Desiderio, is known for not mincing words whenever she’s angry at someone, or wants to make her point known. The veteran actress and singer posted about her anger once again via her Facebook account last Feb. 2, when she posted saying, “Makapal na sinungaling pa” To whom is this post addressed? […]