POLL: Who Is The Hottest Celebrity Babe?

It’s beach season once again! Our social media feeds will soon be filled up with toned physiques in this season’s trendiest swimwear and we’re all here for it! For this year’s summer season, we decided to put together 50 of the hottest female celebrities in the showbiz industry and we want to ask you: who […]

Today’s Top Love Teams Win Big At 50th Box Office Entertainment Awards

Love teams were the big winners at the 50th Box Office Entertainment Awards. Our favorites like KathNiel, JoshLia, JaDine, LoiNie, and MayWard bagged awards at the prestigious award giving body for Filipino media. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen #MegaMillennials BTS Photos of JaDine Golden Jury Award for Highest Grossing Film of All Times: “The Hows Of […]

Kyline Alcantara Accepts “Ahas” Nickname From Bashers

Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara knows how to handle her bashers despite her young age. After spending most of her life in the spotlight, the 16-year-old doesn’t get fazed by hurtful words anymore. Related: Kyline Alcantara and This Swedish Actress Can Pass As Twins!  It can be remembered that there’s a rumored rift between her and fellow […]

Kyline Alcantara and This Swedish Actress Can Pass As Twins!

We can’t help but notice that Kyline Alcantara looks a lot like Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. Although they have huge age gap, the resemblance between the two actresses are still evident. Perhaps this is a peek of how beautiful Kyline will become as she ages. Related: Is Kyline Alcantara The Next Big Thing In Showbiz?  If […]

The New Love Teams That 2018 Introduced

Love teams have dominated the local showbiz industry since the introduction of mainstream media and in the most recent years, we have seen the rise of some of the most iconic tandems that have sparked kilig in Filipino fans and audiences. RELATED: Daniel Padilla Reveals What He Thinks of JaDine, LizQuen, and JoshLia 2018 has been […]

These Fit Celebs Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym

If you’re following a lot of celebrities on Instagram like we do, we’re certain that scrolling past photos of sexy and fit celebrities fuels your drive to hit the gym. As public figures, these celebs really make it a point to maintain their shape and be healthy enough for their demanding schedules. Related: Hot Celebrity Siblings […]

Kyline Alcantara Copying Bianca Umali?

Kambal Karibal stars Kyline Alcantara and Bianca Umali are feuding. But the truth is, the two are very much friends and cool. Related: Kyline Alcantara for Inside Showbiz Weekly  In Kapuso ArtisTambayan, Kyline lost the song association game so she was dared to imitate a co-star and made everyone guess who it is. Kyline started: “Ay girl, may chika […]

Kyline Alcantara Is A Huge Maine Mendoza Fan

Even though Kyline Alcantara is one of the most famous Kapuso celebrities right now, she’s still a fangirl deep down. Especially when it comes to her favorite, Maine Mendoza. The Kambal Karibal actress said that it’s really a dream come true for her to be able to share a stage with the phenomenal actress. Related: Kyline Alcantara for […]

Kyline Alcantara for Inside Showbiz Weekly

RISKS AND REBIRTH Making the switch from a high profile studio like ABS-CBN to an equally impressive network such as GMA is nothing to take lightly. After considering the many factors, a choice was made and Kyline went from Kapamilya to Kapuso. In this season of change and renewal, we discover the young actress’ mindset […]

ICYMI: What Went Down At The Converse #ChucksFirst Event

20:20 and XX:XX were the places to be last weekend for anyone who’s anyone. Party-goers, music lovers, and fashion enthusiasts came together for the official Converse #ChucksFirst launch. RELATED: Which Male Celebrity Is Your Street Style Crush? It was a definitely a night to remember for everyone who was there but if you were one of […]