Andre Brouillette Introduces Lou Yanong To His Family

PBB Housemate Andre Brouillette has taken the next step in his relationship with fellow housmate Lou Yanong as he introduced her to his whole family last week. RELATED: Andre Brouillette Expresses Interest In Becoming An Actor Lou Yanong has finally met Andre Brouillette’s family last week. Andre’s family, which includes his parents, and sister Liana Brouillette […]

POLL: Who Is The Hottest Celebrity Babe?

It’s beach season once again! Our social media feeds will soon be filled up with toned physiques in this season’s trendiest swimwear and we’re all here for it! For this year’s summer season, we decided to put together 50 of the hottest female celebrities in the showbiz industry and we want to ask you: who […]

POLL: Who Should Replace Liza Soberano As Darna?

News of Liza Soberano pulling out of Star Cinema’s Darna movie this year shocked the nation yesterday as the topnotch actress confirmed that she will not be doing the project due to a physical injury from shooting Bagani last year. RELATED: JUST IN: Liza Soberano Is No Longer Darna With Liza’s exit from the Darna project, Star Cinema is now […]

LouDre Answers Rumors of their Pairing Being Scripted

During the Pinoy Big Brother Otso Batch 2 Big Four’s first media conference, the press were quick to ask about the authencity of the LouDre pairing. It can be remembered that Andre Brouillette finally asked Lou Yanong to be his girlfriend on television but some are still doubting if their relationship is true. Related: PBB: Otso Apologizes […]

Netizens Outraged Over PBB Harapan

Now that Pinoy Big Brother is nearing their end, the stakes are now higher. The remaining housemates underwent ‘Tapatan’ wherein they get grilled by former housemates about their attitude and performance inside the PBB House. Related: The Most Scandalous PBB Moments Ever  However, netizens were quick to react that the former housemates have become too hostile, and was […]

Who Should Be The Batch Winner For PBB: Otso Batch 2?

The final four of PBB: Otso Batch 2 has been determined! The housemates that made it to the final four are Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai. Batch 2 is set to have their ending this week and right after, the new set of housemates will be introduced. RELATED: The Love Teams of […]

Andre Brouillette Apologizes To Lou Yanong’s Father For Kissing Her

Last Wednesday’s episode of PBB: Otso took an interesting turn when Lou Yanong’s father, Michael Yanong, guested on the show to be able to have a word with Andre Brouillette. The sudden guesting of Mr. Yanong father comes after the controversial episode of PBB last March 4 where Lou and Andre were shown making out after a […]

PBB: Otso Apologizes For LouDre Kissing Episode

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso had an explosive episode last Monday which garnered mostly negative reactions from netizens and viewers. The episode showed housemates Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong torridly kissing after a drinking session. PBB has since then issued a public apology to those who might have been offended by the episode. RELATED: Normal or Inappropriate? PBB […]

Are Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong The New PBB Couple To Watch Out For?

Looks like there’s another couple brewing in the Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO house! Andre Brouillette has just confessed on the show for his feelings for his fellow housemate Lou Yanong. The news of course reached Lou but through their other housemate Yamyam Gucong whom Andre had a separate sharing session with. RELATED: PBB Otso Housemates Get Their First […]