Celebrities Shocked Over Chokoleit’s Sudden Death

Comedian Chokoleit has passed away last Saturday after performing for an out of town show in Abra. Fans, celebrities, and showbiz industry insiders were all shocked and saddened by his sudden death. RELATED: It’s Showtime Family Gives Tribute To Hashtag Franco It was a heavy weekend for the Kapamilya network as they confirmed the passing of celebrated […]

The Celebrity #HowHardDidAgingHitYou #10Year Challenge

If you have been on any social media platform lately, your feed might have been filled with your friend’s photos from 10 years ago side to side with their most current photo. This is thanks to the internet’s newest challenge craze called the #HowHardDidAgingHitYou where netizens showcase how much their looks have changed over the […]

Luis Manzano Dares Basher To Face Him

Bashing and negative comments are something that our favorite celebrity idols get on a daily basis. One would think that they are already immune to this but just like any other human being, celebrities get affected by the words thrown at them too. Case in point, Luis Manzano dared a basher to face him and […]

Jessy Mendiola Reacts To “Fat Memo” From ABS-CBN Management

Being in the showbiz industry entails a lot of pressure especially for celebrities who always have to look good in front of the camera. Such is the case for Jessy Mendiola who has admitted that she has gotten a “fat memo” from ABS-CBN’s management. RELATED: Jessy Mendiola Is Your New Fitspiration Jessy Mendiola opened up about […]

ABS-CBN Releases 2019 Show Line Up

Fans of Philippine entertainment can expect 2019 to be a big year for quality content as ABS-CBN has just released their program line-up for the year and it’s more than what we expected! RELATED: All The Sweetest Love Teams In ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID ABS-CBN made big announcements during their trade launch last Tuesday part of […]

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrities Share Their Dreams For The Kids of Bantay Bata 163

The first ever ABS-CBN Ball proved to be more than just a glamorous party where celebrities could flaunt their most fashionable selves. Throughout the whole campaign of the ball, ABS-CBN highlighted the efforts of Bantay Bata 163 in an aim to raise funds and awareness for its efforts and programs, specifically its current battle against […]

Luis Manzano Calls Bashers “failures in life”

Luis Manzano isn’t one to ignore and stay silent when people try to bring him down. The host and comedian always defends himself and his loved ones when attacked by online bullies. On his Facebook live, he called these bashers “failures in life” who have nothing better to do. Related: Luis Manzano Denies Overlapping Relationships  ❤️ […]

Jessy Mendiola Survives Near-Death Experience After A Vehicular Accident

Actress Jessy Mendiola got into an unfortunate vehicular accident after her driver dozed off while driving. Through her Instagram story, Jessy told the story of the accident that happened Wednesday morning, May 16. She wrote: “My driver dozed off while at the wheel and lost control, my van hit a barrier and we swayed from […]

Celebrities Post Their Mother’s Day Greetings on Social Media

On May 14, 2018, the world celebrated Mother’s Day and moms everywhere enjoyed a day dedicated to celebrating the love and the hard work that they selflessly give to their offsprings. Almost every one took to social media to greet their mothers, celebrities included of course, and we’ve spotted some of the sweetest greetings from […]

Will Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano Tie the Knot Soon?

In a recent interview of ABS-CBN Entertainment with Jessy Mendiola, she revealed that her boyfriend Luis Manzano is the first and only man she introduced to her father. From this story alone, it’s not anymore surprising for Jessy to say that she and the son of Vilma Santos are already discussing about marriage. READ MORE: Vilma Santos Has […]