10 Stylish Fresh Faces in Showbiz: Who’s your peg?

We see new faces in the world of local entertainment year after year. These young aspirants who want to establish a career in the limelight keeps on growing in different television networks, and their unstoppable growth every year makes the fans hunt for the next teen star to idolize. Apart from showcasing astounding skills in […]

5 Famous Celebrity-Doppelganger Duos

These young women are unique in their own ways; they have different set of skills, taste in fashion, likes and dislikes, and most especially, they are from different blood lines. But despite all the disparities, these showbiz stars have something in common—their facial features! 1. Elisse Joson and Mayton Eugenio Elisse Joson and Mayton Eugenio are both rising […]