Andre Brouillette Expresses Interest In Becoming An Actor

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso Adults Batch 1 Big Four finalist Andre Brouillette has opened up to his social media followers about his dreams of becoming an actor someday. RELATED: PBB Big Four Members Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette Are Officially Together In an Instagram post written in pure Tagalog, Andre shared to his followers his dream of […]

PBB Otso Teens Batch 2: Who Do You Think Should Be in The Big Four?

We’re almost halfway through the second batch of teens of PBB: Otso and things are getting more and more intense each day! During the last eviction, Mich Wunder, Kyzha Villalino, and Emjay Savilla exited the house. Now with just 8 teen housemates in the mix, things are only about to get more interesting inside the famous Big […]

LouDre, FumiYam Are PBB: Otso Batch 2 Big 4

On March 28, the big 4 of the second batch of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso was finally announced. The two tandems of PBB, Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette, fondly called LouDre, and  Fumiya Sankai, and Yamyam Gucong, called FumiYam, complete this batch’s Big 4. Related: Netizens Outraged Over PBB Harapan  According to ABS-CBN News, two more batches of […]

Did PBB Otso Housemate Andre Really Lead Ex-Housemate Abi On?

On the recently-held PBB Otso Tapatan, the issue between housemates Andre Brouillette and Abi Kassem was once again unearthed. It can be remembered that Abi used to like Andre, and even confessed her feelings to him at one point. However, Andre respectfully turned her down and told Abi to “choose to be faithful”, as Abi […]

Netizens Outraged Over PBB Harapan

Now that Pinoy Big Brother is nearing their end, the stakes are now higher. The remaining housemates underwent ‘Tapatan’ wherein they get grilled by former housemates about their attitude and performance inside the PBB House. Related: The Most Scandalous PBB Moments Ever  However, netizens were quick to react that the former housemates have become too hostile, and was […]

Who Should Be The Batch Winner For PBB: Otso Batch 2?

The final four of PBB: Otso Batch 2 has been determined! The housemates that made it to the final four are Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai. Batch 2 is set to have their ending this week and right after, the new set of housemates will be introduced. RELATED: The Love Teams of […]

Are Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong The New PBB Couple To Watch Out For?

Looks like there’s another couple brewing in the Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO house! Andre Brouillette has just confessed on the show for his feelings for his fellow housemate Lou Yanong. The news of course reached Lou but through their other housemate Yamyam Gucong whom Andre had a separate sharing session with. RELATED: PBB Otso Housemates Get Their First […]

PBB Housemate Karina’s Boyfriend Breaks Silence On Aljon-Karina Romance

The romance between Pinoy Big Brother housemates Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza has been taking social media by storm. It all started when Karina confessed to Big Brother that she’s falling for fellow housemate Aljon. However, Karina has a boyfriend outside for four years already named Christian Dronio. Related: Boyfriend of PBB Housemate Karina Bautista Writes Heartbreaking Message Online  […]

Netizen Exposes ‘Truth’ Behind Lies of PBB Housemate Karina Bautista

After confessing her feelings about another housemate through Big Brother, a rumor spread about PBB contestant Karina Bautista and her current boyfriend online. A netizen on Monday posted an old and current photo of the couple claiming that Karina was lying about her true story inside the famed Big Brother house. Related: Boyfriend of PBB Housemate Karina Bautista Writes Heartbreaking Message […]

Boyfriend of PBB Housemate Karina Bautista Writes Heartbreaking Message Online

Because of their similar interests in life and inevitable closeness inside Bahay ni Kuya, Karina Bautista, 16, admitted on one of the episodes of PBB Otso that she is indeed falling in love with one of her co-housemate Aljon Mendoza, 17. Related: Meet The PBB Otso Housemates: Who’s your early fave? According to Karina, their usual bond […]