Zanjoe Marudo and Maja Salvador’s Advice On Falling For Your Best Friend

Zanjoe Marudo and Maja Salvador’s tandem is the latest to make hearts swoon in their new movie entitled To Love Some Buddy where they play two best friends who try turning their friendship into a relationship. RELATED: Zanjoe Marudo and Maja Salvador: The Perfect Pairing At The Right Time With regards to their movie’s theme, Maja and […]

How Different Will To Love Some Buddy Be From Past Movies With Same Plot?

It is a plot line that we’re all familiar with: two best friends catching feelings for each other and ends up risking their friendship to try out being in a relationship with each other. Whether it be through films or TV shows or an actual personal experience, we have in one way or another encountered […]

Zanjoe Marudo and Maja Salvador On Falling In Love With Best Friends

Having a best friend is an incredible experience that most of us enjoy. In a best friend you will find comfort, solace, a shoulder to cry on, a person outside from your family that you could share anything and everything with and more. It is rare for one to find such a connection like this […]