Stars Who Supported Maymay’s Concert!

Even if she’s new to showbiz, Maymay Entrata has endeared herself to many stars in the local biz! Just ask big stars like Maja Salvador (who wants to work with Maymay because she found her adorable and down-to-earth) and Julia Barretto (who was seen hugging Maymay and supporting her as Shine in Loving in Tandem)! […]

Yong Muhajil Opens up the Things He Wants to Accomplish in Showbiz

The PBB third placer Yong Muhajil tells Inside Showbiz Weekly that he’s open to all of the big three in showbiz: acting, singing, and dancing. It’s just a matter of making the most of what he’s given and learning them well, since he is quite raw. Yong would love to do comedy in the future […]

7 Showbiz Neophytes: Who Do You Think is The Next Big Leading Man?

Without heartthrobs to go crazy over, the life of a fan girl would definitely be a bore. But to become a big shot heartthrob in an industry as big as our local showbiz, don’t ever underestimate these fan girls and think that they only care about the looks. These girls, more than anything, want talent, […]

10 Most Downloaded Issues of Inside Showbiz Weekly

Here are the top 10 most downloaded issues of Inside Showbiz Weekly from January 2017. Which one is your fave? Take the poll below! Maymay Entrata tops the top 10 list! The much-anticipated FIRST cover of MAYMAY ENTRATA has been finally revealed! The 19-year-old Big Winner EXCLUSIVELY shares to Inside Showbiz Weekly the struggles she’s been through to […]

EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber and Yong Muhajil First Cover Shoot

Watch these handsome young men goof around during their first cover shoot with Inside Showbiz Weekly!