Teetin Villanueva Detests Ex JC Santos, Says He is With His Stylist

  • February 5, 2018

Teetin Villanueva, the former long-time girlfriend of Mr. and Mrs. Cruz lead star, JC Santos, replied to one of Inside Showbiz’s Instagram posts and said she detests JC and says he is involved with his stylist. The now deleted comment said, “sorry nandidiri na ko sa kanya. hehe yung yaya/stylist niya na lang ang i-tag niyo, matutuwa pa ‘yun. J Pls don’t tag me na, thanks!” JC is styled by Abby Paulino, who has been styling his fashion ensembles since his first project in showbiz, the Jadine teleserye, ‘Til I Met You. Incidentally, JC and Abby also have an online business together called zaphira.ph.

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JC has admitted during the promotions for Mr. and Mrs. Cruz that he and his theater actress girlfriend separated late last November. The actor was initially hesitant to reveal the real reasons why. When he was asked on Tonight With Boy Abunda regarding Teetin’s Instagram post however that he has been cheating on her with several women, JC denied the claim and said the third party in their relationship had been in fact, his “career.” He said in the same interview that he didn’t want to be unfair to his former girlfriend of four years and that someone as loving as her deserved better. “Teetin, sorry I let you down,” said JC in the interview. “Nandito pa naman ako if ever, para maging kaibigan [mo]. You deserve to be happy. Pasensya na kung ‘di ko mabigay sa ‘yo ‘yun. Kasi Tito Boy napaka-loving ni Teetin at ‘di ko mapantayan yung pagmamahal na ‘yun. You deserve someone better.”


It was after the TWBA interview that Teetin commented on the Inside Showbiz Instagram post, saying she was disgusted with her ex and implied that he had lied during the TWBA interview because he is now with his stylist. Teetin has also said in her own Instagram post that Abby is just “one of many” and also commented the word “plural” in describing JC’s third parties, implying that he cheated on her with various women and not just with the stylist.

The actress has also made other posts alluding to her break-up such as in Twitter where she said loving someone means you don’t lie to them. “No one deserves to be lied to countless times. That’s the most cruel thing you can do to someone you say you ‘LOVE’. Not only is it selfish, but also cowardly,” says Teetin in her Tweet.

Prior to this break-up, JC and Teetin admitted in previous interviews that JC had a playboy image among his theater peers, prior to courting her. Teetin even said she had a wall surrounding her when she was initially courted by JC, because their friends, teachers, and even her family told her not to go for him, because he was a playboy. “’Wag naman si Teetin, dahil napakabait niyan,” says JC of how their friends told him not to go for her in a Magandang Buhay interview.

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Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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