The Female Netizen In Between Julia and Joshua Speaks Up

  • April 13, 2018

It’s been almost a month already and Dane Sillo, the female netizen in the middle of the JoshLia controversy, has finally spoken about the real deal between her and Joshua Garcia. She has no intentions of being a third party or to cause a rift between Julia and him.

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Dane tweeted on March 12 a screenshot of her Instagram photo in a one-piece with her tattoo that Joshua commented “Art photo.”

 Since then the JoshLia fans started to ask questions and further clarifications about the issue. There was also a fake Facebook conversation that circulated online that seemed Joshua was trying to get in contact with Dane.


Dane tweeted “Hi guys! Chill lang tayo as much as I don’t want to say anything, pero sumobra na kasi yung fake news. I don’t mean anything bad. Binakla ko nga lang yung caption, actually. It’s normal for me and my friends to say ‘yes?? Bakeeet‘ And di totoo yung fb convo sa mga articles. Idk who edited that pero it’s not me. I’m super busy rn and di ko na binabasa yung about dito kasi wala lang sakin. But I’m sorry sa lahat ng fans Josh is for Juls guys! So chill.”


On the episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda on April 10, Joshua admitted that he commented on Dane’s Instagram post but it all meant nothing. JoshLia is alive and strong despite the rocky situation. He confirmed that they’re patching things up and they’re still together.

It is only through shadows that one comes to know the light

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On April 11, Dane stated again “Josh is for Juls.” She also replied to a tweet that the Facebook messages were just edited and there was no conversation to begin with.

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